“Tax debt”

March 23, 2019

There’s no more ridiculous a phrase than “tax debt”.

You can no more have a “tax debt” than you can be in debt to a mugger who didn’t get all the money he wanted from you during the mugging.

Or in debt to a rapist who didn’t get to violently dominate you exactly as he wished.

Or in debt to a disappointed would-be murderer because you didn’t die after he stabbed you 37 times. You don’t owe him your life.

You are not in debt to any archator who didn’t get all he wanted from you. To claim otherwise is insane.

“Taxation” IS theft! Even if you don’t like hearing it and don’t want to admit it. The only debt involved in “taxation” is owed by those who “tax”, not by their victims.


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Statist misrepresents Laissez-faire

March 22, 2019

Here’s another statist lie, paraphrased for brevity:

“Sorry, libertarians. You are wrong. We know laissez-faire doesn’t work, because it means there are no rules. You have to have some government, just not centralized control, because that doesn’t work, either.”

Yes, I heard one make that argument recently. He’s wrong.

All government is centralized control. Yes, there are differing amounts. But if there is no centralized control it’s not government as people understand government. It would be something else. Centralized control– any and all centralized control– is cancer. There’s no way to keep it from metastisizing.

Laissez-faire doesn’t mean there are no rules. The rules are just not imposed by a coercive, thieving gang of molesters. Control, in this case, is provided by social interactions. By the market. By self-interest. “Bottom-up” (which works) rather than “top-down” (which doesn’t).

To make the claim the statist made is terribly ignorant. He probably believes himself to be very enlightened.


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Political predators

March 21, 2019

I think there may have been a little confusion about what a political predator is.

To be clear, anyone who uses the political means instead of the economic means is a political predator.

Cops are merely a subset of political predator. As are child molesters, congressvermin, muggers, rapists, presidents, kidnappers, Supreme Courtjesters, burglars, bureaucrats, and murderers.

To distinguish between the various subsets of political predator gives some of them too much credit. They are all bad guys to some degree.


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Windstorm reminder to be ready

March 20, 2019

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for March 20, 2019)

How much did you enjoy our recent “shingle apocalypse” brought on by the little wind storm? Probably about as much as I did.

I even went out and took a walk in it. I love the feel of gravel pelting the skin of my face, the grit in my teeth, and debris hitting my body. You just can’t enjoy this kind of thing in lesser places like Paris, France…read the rest

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Gear post: Phone holster

March 19, 2019

My phone holster is actually my oldest piece of gear, although it didn’t start out as a phone holster.

It is made of leather (duh!) and measures 6.5″ tall, 4″ wide, and 2.25″ thick.

It sits on my right side between the double pouch (behind it) and the sheath for my Buck 501.

It shows its age.

I made this pouch in the mid-1980s as a way to carry necessary items while working at a pet store. I carried a calculator, scissors, a pen, razor blades, and half a hacksaw blade, plus maybe a few other odds and ends that I’m forgetting. I used this pouch for years, and when I no longer worked at a pet store, the pouch ended up tossed in a box with other leather items and scraps.

When I got a new phone a couple of years ago it needed a holster because it was bigger than the previous phone (I’m not one to leave my phone lying around, or to try to keep it in a pocket). I went digging in the leather scrap box to come up with leather to make a new pouch and ran across this one. It fit perfectly!

I did add belt loops; originally I just tied it to the belt with leather thongs because I was constantly taking it off when I wasn’t at work. That was no longer necessary, so loops were a better idea. As you can see, it is also tied in place.

I put a leather divider inside it, for keeping the back-up battery (seen above with the “Time’s Up” sticker on it) separate from the phone. That was the only internal change.

The internal side pocket where I used to keep the short hacksaw blade is where I now keep a USB cord, and I have adapters (in the little ziplock bag– for sharing a charge with other people) under the back-up battery. The little pocket where I used to keep razor blades is a good spot to store yet another P-38 can opener.

It has a Browncoats “Independents” patch on the flap. Frivolity!

The button is a cross-section of deer antler. I replaced the button loop about a week ago when the original one finally broke. The new loop is made from boot-top leather.

This is probably my most complex pouch. I know this isn’t exactly primitive stuff here. I adjust and adapt to changing technology when it suits me. Before cell phones, people would joke with me about being the MountainMan with the cordless phone hooked on his belt at work. It’s a concession to the modern world; one that doesn’t really bother me because I know I can do without. Like lighters and toilet paper.

Part of my philosophy of life is to help other people. I have given other people a charge in an emergency, using the USB adapters. I once gave a P-38 to a guy who needed one. I carry extra stuff just for this reason. All because I’m one of those selfish, independent, individualistic libertarians you hear about.


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Worse than sexual predators

March 18, 2019

It seems that every day there’s yet another sexual predator exposed. Good. They need to be exposed and stopped.

The problem is, there’s an even worse kind of predator; a type which doesn’t have to be exposed because so few people recognize what they do as predation that it isn’t hidden. It is carried out in the open, and many people even admire them for it.

Few see it as wrong. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong.

Once upon a time, few people saw slavery as wrong. But it was.

These predators of whom I speak are those who use politics “legally”. All of them. They are political predators and they are molesting you and your loved ones right this minute.

Political predators are bad guys who need to be exposed– by having the veil of legitimacy stripped from them– and they need to be stopped.

The thing with sexual predators is that sex itself isn’t inherently wrong. It can be consensual and mutually voluntary. Sexual predators are bad because they skip the consent and use the political means against their victims. Just like other political predators do.

Politics can never be truly consensual and mutually voluntary. Otherwise, politics wouldn’t be necessary. You could simply agree to a relationship. Politics is never like this. Politics is non-sexual (usually) rape. Politics is slavery. Politics is theft. Politics is the realm of the predator, exclusively. Good people use the economic means when dealing with others; bad people use the political means. Anyone who uses the political means is a political predator.

Yes, this means muggers, thieves, rapists, murderers, kidnappers, and all those people are, at the foundation, political predators. But so are people who aren’t considered necessarily bad guys by the public at large. They are the “legal” political predators.

Police are political predators.
Politicians are political predators.
Bureaucrats who work in government are political predators.

Do you want these people around your kids? Or yourself? I sure don’t.

Stop giving political predators a pass they don’t deserve.


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Mistakes and wrongs

March 17, 2019

I’ve made so many mistakes over the course of my life. And I’ve committed so many wrongs.

Many of my mistakes haunt me when I think of them. Each one undoubtedly set my life on a different course. When I think of them I sometimes want to punch myself in the face and mutter “Stupid, stupid, stupid!”

If the “many-worlds” interpretation of quantum physics is correct, there are countless versions of me out there who didn’t make the same mistakes I’ve made (they made other mistakes). I wonder what those versions are experiencing as a result. What mistakes did I avoid making?

And when I think of the wrongs I’ve committed… if I believed in punishment rather than justice, as so many do, I would probably kill myself.

I never did anything like robbery, rape, kidnapping, or murder, but wrong enough that I wish I hadn’t done them.

One good thing is that I haven’t committed as many wrongs since my early 20s or so. I’m sure I’ve committed smaller wrongs, but nothing I dwell on. I’ve focused more on making mistakes since then.

No matter what anyone else thinks of me, I’m my own worst critic. But the cats love me.

I do think I’m getting better with the passing years. Coming to understand rights and responsibilities was a big part of that improvement. The best anyone can do is to be a better person than year-ago you was.

I also have to remember that in very real ways, I am not that same person I was. Not only have all my cells been replaced since then, but my mind has other contents. I’m a different person than I was when I was 20 or 30, and certainly different than when I was a teen. At some point you’ve got to let the past be the past and move forward. Remember and enjoy the good parts of the past; let go of and forgive yourself for the bad parts. That will help make you a better person, too.

Now, if I could really convince myself of this and put it into action. It’s a process.


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Disavow and flee while you can!

March 15, 2019

I’m no fan of president Trump. It’s sad that I have to say this first for fear of being misunderstood. To be clear: I need no president nor representative of any kind. I don’t need your government or your “laws” or your enforcers. Keep them to yourself if you insist on having them. They are worth less than worthless.

But, back to the point… I just roll my eyes at how it seems to be dangerous to have worked with Trump, for him, or to know him. The Left Statists in government seem determined to punish (and cage) anyone who has been associated with him. They can’t seem to get him, so they’ll go after anyone who has ever been around him for more than 10 minutes.

I can’t take any of it seriously. It’s just a broken-down circus, without anything even marginally entertaining, at this point.

But it makes me glad I didn’t ever meet Trump– I don’t want to have a target on my back.

I wonder if those going after Trump’s associates realize they just look like witch hunters of “Olden Tymes”. I’m tired of them and their clowning and I wouldn’t pay any attention to them, but “news” keeps leaking in.

I wonder how they would have liked it if the “other side” [sic] had gone after everyone who was ever associated with Obama in the same way. (I would bring up Hillary’s– and Bill’s– associates, but they seem to have their own form of “bad luck” that has nothing to do with her opponents.) I guess this means it’s open season on any future president’s acquaintances. From now on. If you know someone with political aspirations, get away from them now!

The Left Statists need to stop acting like sore losers. But that’s kind of the Statist Way, so I don’t see it happening.


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(Fund)raise the roof (Updated)

March 14, 2019

Yesterday’s wind storm did me some damage. Not as bad as the local building pictured above, but my shingles are done. On the house, where I’ve never had roof problems.

I’m going to have to come up with the deductible to get that fixed. If I’m not mistaken, that’s $1500, and I’m not sure if I then have to pay a percentage of the repairs or not. I’ll be talking to the insurance people soon, although I expect they’ll be very busy for a while. It was quite a day.

Use the PayPal link PayPal.me/dullhawk

Please share this anywhere you believe would help.

I’m posting this from my phone because the power hasn’t been restored yet, so it may take a while to hear from me. I’m ok because I’m a prepper.

I’ll update this post and answer questions once I have power and internet again. Until then, thanks.

UPDATE: Just got power back. It was off 15.5 hours, which is probably a record for me. I actually enjoy power outages, though.

Yesterday was the shingle-apocalypse, and not just for me. I saw shingles flying past most of the day. I once looked outside just as a house a block or so over had 6 or so shingles take flight. It looked like those videos of a tornado hitting a house, but without a tornado, and with only shingles. My yard is covered in shingles, but most are probably not mine. I’m assuming mine are somewhere east of here. Oklahoma, perhaps.

I drove around the area yesterday evening and there is a lot of shingle damage, and quite a few broken trees. And, the wall on that one old building collapsed as you can see in the picture above. I even saw some metal roofing peeled back on some old agricultural buildings.

Oh, and the “arms” of the railroad crossing blew off, too.

There was no “storm”. No clouds or rain or anything like that; just wind. Lots and lots of wind. With some dirt.

In the early afternoon I walked the 7 blocks to my parents’ house– straight into the wind. That was probably the hardest time I’ve ever had walking. I was stumbling and taking the occasional step backwards to keep from falling. I’m sure I looked drunk. I couldn’t keep my duster snapped. The wind kept pulling it open. I had a hand on my hat and was mostly staring straight down. I would glance ahead frequently, but my face would be pelted with gravel and other debris. I needed to see ahead to dodge shingles and other projectiles. It was interesting. My mouth was gritty for a while after I got home.

I’ll be out doing some cleanup as soon as it’s a little warmer. At least there’s not supposed to be any serious wind today.

*Update #2— I spoke to the insurance agent today. She said the deductible just gets subtracted from any payout, so there’s no out of pocket there… however… with depreciation and such she thinks it could still be very expensive for me to get the repairs needed. How expensive? I’ll see once the adjuster makes it to the house for a look and does his thing.

Update #3, pictures–

Here’s what most of the yard looked like:

Notice the shingles scattered about. They probably weren’t all mine. As I’ve said, lots of houses in town lost shingles and I saw many of them flying past my house all day.

I got up on the roof and made pictures of the damage.

My neighbor says the “official” wind speeds were in the 70 MPH range, with gusts around 100. I don’t know, because I don’t listen to the “news”, but it was impressive. It was like a dry hurricane.

I got a call from the company who assigns the adjusters, with his contact information and an assurance he’ll call within 48 hours. I’m now waiting for him to call and make an appointment. I assume they are very busy.

Cops are always DWI

March 14, 2019

There is no such thing as a police officer driving without being impaired. Not ever.

They are always under the influence of their imagined “authority“. It’s a powerful drug and it causes them to drive erratically. Their permanent condition of intoxication kills innocent people– and some of the guilty cops, too.

It causes them to engage in high-speed chases. But when the cop kills innocent people he and his gang– The Blue Line Gang– will blame the person they were chasing. This is a filthy lie.

It causes them to make U-turns in unsafe conditions– one of the local cops wrecked the cop car he drives (pictured above before the wreck) and seriously injured a random motorist a year or so back by doing just this in order to catch someone “speeding” a little– something much less dangerous than what the cop did.

It causes them to believe they can text, make phone calls, and use their onboard computer terminals (to try to find reasons to stop and molest other motorists) more safely than lesser people like us. They can’t. Their “training” doesn’t make them superhuman.

Every cop is a junkie. No cop should be behind the wheel of a car under any circumstances. Never. But most certainly never under the excuse of “policing traffic”. They are worse than any problem they pretend to fight. They are dangerous hypocrites. Get them off the roads, and keep them off the roads.


Reminder: I could really use some help, including help to cover the $1500 deductible on my roof after the wind yesterday removed many shingles. As I write this the wind is trying to remove my roof, too. I’m hoping it fails to do so.

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