‘Deep state’ isn’t what you think

January 23, 2019

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for January 23, 2019)

You’ve probably been hearing about the “deep state” recently, with some pundits saying it’s a danger and others saying it doesn’t even exist.

It’s real, but it’s not the conspiracy theory some would have you believe. Its reality shouldn’t be controversial; it’s there for everyone to see and experience.

The “deep state” is, in simple terms, the government bureaucracy. It is all those parts of government which don’t change from one presidential administration to the next…read the rest

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That one’s a thinker!

January 22, 2019

The Facebook post stated “Claiming that income tax is moral, is a claim that slavery is moral.”.

That’s a completely reasonable statement. But someone then posted a comment saying, “Wealth tax is required.” Whatever a “wealth tax” is.

I responded with a link to my “Theft by any other name” video.

She replied, “No taxes, no army. No army, no defence. No defence, no state. No state, no laws. No laws, no peace.

I said,

“I don’t need a theft-funded army for my defense. Why would you imagine you do?

The state is your enemy, or you don’t understand what the State is. http://famguardian.org/…/OurEnemyTheState…


There are only two kinds of “law”: the unnecessary and the harmful. Which type do you imagine promotes peace?

“Laws” against actual wrongs (murder, theft, rape, kidnapping, assault, trespass, etc.) are unnecessary. These “laws” aren’t necessary for you to have the right to defend yourself from these acts.

“Laws” against anything else (vices, trade, tools of defense, resisting government theft and aggression, etc.) — AND “laws” allowing government employees to commit the actual wrongs in the first list as long as they are called something else (taxation, war, officer safety, arrest, airport security, etc.), are harmful.

Your argument fails.”

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have included the last sentence.

Her dismissive last shot? “neat. Don’t complicate a complex argument and sleep tight! 😁”

So is she saying her comment was “complex”? I guess she’s too deep a thinker for me.


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Fear first, ask questions later

January 21, 2019

It seems the matter is settled. If a cop “fears” for its life, it can commit murder and get away with it. No actual threat is necessary.

If it’s OK for a cop to shoot a chihuahua or a fleeing teen because it chants “I feared for my life“, then it is OK for anyone else to shoot people and pets using the same excuse. Anything less is a dangerous double standard.

And, if that were consistently the case all cops would be dead. Good riddance!

Every “official” encounter with a cop is an encounter with an armed government molester who would face small consequences for murdering you– if it faces any at all. If you don’t kiss its boots fast enough, you’ll scare it. That’s as good as permission to murder you.

When this happens, you are experiencing a police state. But it can get worse. Unless the people targeted by cops act to stop it, it will get worse.

Whether or not you are in fear of your life when a cop is around, your life is in danger. They’ve created the situation. I wonder how they’ll react when it comes to fruition.


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It’s OK to be me and it’s OK to be you

January 20, 2019

It’s OK to be “white”.

It’s OK to be male.

It’s OK to be heterosexual.

To believe otherwise is dumb. To punish someone for saying so is evil.

But wait, there’s more!

It’s OK to be “black” or any other “race“.

It’s OK to be female or a hermaphrodite.

It’s OK to be homosexual or whatever.

None of the above categories or distinctions are important. It doesn’t matter if you are “white”, “black”, female, male, heterosexual, homosexual, or anything else. Not one bit.

What is important is that it’s NOT OK to be an archator of any sort. Not ever.

It’s hard to believe this is even controversial. That saying such things can get a person in trouble. I’ll own the truth and accept the trouble.


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Prisons are a growing threat

January 19, 2019

I’ve mentioned before how much I hate prisons.

Prison is a racket, and it’s not better to do something “privately” when it’s wrong to do it at all.

Even when something isn’t necessarily wrong, if I don’t want it, I don’t want to pay for it. That’s the same reason I would never voluntarily fund a private police force. You want it, YOU pay for it and leave me out of it.

Besides, how “private” is something when it can’t exist without government creating a niche for it and being its only “customer”? I don’t think that’s “private” at all. Just fascism, cronyism, or some other form of corruption.

Anyway, Ammo.com has a very informative and infuriating look at the prison industry. It looks at even more of the incriminating factors that make prison a net negative.


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Consent or coercion?

January 18, 2019

Looking in from the outside it can be hard to tell a non-consensual relationship from a voluntary one. Or at least it seems many people can’t tell the difference.

They see people choosing to work for an employer and to them, it looks the same as a person living under a slave-master.

They see a person going to the grocery store and it looks the same to them as a person standing in line at the DMV.

They see an organized social club and to them, it looks the same as a government.

Yet, in each pair, one is voluntary and one is not. Learn to see the difference.


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By excluding the good guys…

January 17, 2019

One of the justifications most commonly used by borderists for property rights-violating, violent government “border security”, including theft-funded walls and such, is that it will make it harder for people to cross, and any “friction” applied to the process will reduce the total numbers of people crossing. As a result, they claim to believe this will reduce the total number of bad guys getting into America.

Theirs is a faulty argument.

As can be plainly demonstrated with drug prohibition.

Prohibition makes it harder and more dangerous to make and sell politically incorrect drugs. A clear result is that it severely restricts the number of honest “mom and pop” stores entering the drug market. This leaves the market (and yes, there is a market) open for the worst of the bad guys to be the main sellers and producers.

This is NOT an unforeseeable surprise. It is an inevitable result of adding “friction” to the drug market: more aggression and theft, more fraud and quality problems, and higher prices.

If border security makes it harder, in a similar way, for everyone who wants to get to America, won’t it ensure that mainly bad guys, who are desperate enough to take the risks, will cross into America?

I think it does.

Who’s going to have the stamina to try harder? The beaten down dad who just wants to get his kids to a safer, more prosperous place? Or the life-long archator who doesn’t care who he stomps to get where he wants to go?

You can’t reasonably justify more statism by pointing to the results of current statism.

Let people exercise their right of association, and protect their property rights (and band together to voluntarily, in unanimous consent, protect the property rights of others, including the property stolen by “taxation”) and the “problem” will shrivel away.


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It’s dark, but does it matter?

January 16, 2019

Here’s a little sidetrack, unrelated to much of anything else I write.

I don’t know why I think about these things; no doubt something I read stuck in my head and got wheels turning.

It’s about “Dark Matter”. You, know, the “stuff” that the evidence points to as making up most of the Universe, but which can’t be detected in normal ways (other than observing its apparent gravitational effects on a galactic scale and above).

What is the evidence for dark matter?

Could all those pieces of evidence be explained by a force divorced from matter? Maybe a result of the natural topography (on a large scale) of spacetime itself, rather than a sign of something else sitting in it?

Maybe it’s a force which mimics gravity, but isn’t a spacetime curvature caused by matter. In other words, it acts very much like gravity, but isn’t gravity.

Maybe it’s a type of “orphan gravity”.

No, I don’t know. I’m not smart enough to know, haven’t had the training to know, and probably don’t have time (or the ability/equipment) to figure it out.

It probably doesn’t matter, anyway. It’s just one of those things I think about.


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Time to break government addiction

January 16, 2019

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for January 16, 2019)

When an addict’s supply is cut off, it’s usually an agonizing journey through withdrawal to the other side of the addiction; where the poison finally loosens its grip on the person, giving him a new chance at life. I’m not talking about a chemical dependency this time, but a far more deadly condition: government addiction.

If you are feeling effects from this imaginary government “shutdown”, even as simple as having noticed it, you are most likely somewhat addicted to government…read the rest

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Define “interesting”

January 15, 2019

The past few days have been… interesting. And expensive.

Had a colonoscopy yesterday, which if you’ve been through that you know how unpleasant the day before the colonoscopy is. That was 90 miles from home.

Then I spent last night in the emergency room in a hospital in a closer town– only 30 miles away– because I apparently suffered “post-polypectomy syndrome”. Fever, dehydration, tachycardia, very high blood pressure. All sorts of fun stuff. I don’t recommend it.

I haven’t slept in days (thank goodness for post scheduling), so I’m going to take a very long nap now.


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