Questions about anti-gun bigots

August 20, 2019

Why do anti-gun bigots continue to hammer the idea that if you aren’t violating the human right to own and to carry weapons you “aren’t doing anything“?

Why do they keep pretending there’s a “gun problem”– separate from the continuing violation of the natural human right to own and to carry them?

Why do they lie and say the problem is “gun violence” rather than admitting the problem would be gun aggression– by cops/government gangs and freelance archators?

Should there be a “process” for violating people? Does it only matter that they “really believe” they should violate the natural human right to own and to carry weapons?

Do beliefs change an unethical act into an ethical one?

Anti-gun bigots say “it’s got to get worse” (more deaths) before anything can be done to make it “better” (more anti-gun “laws”)– that’s right, anti-gun bigots are hoping for more mass shootings to advance their agenda. Will they “do something” to make sure they get what they are hoping for. Yep. They will. They already have been, for decades.

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“Please don’t be related!”

August 19, 2019

Years ago I set up a Google alert on my last name. I did this to keep track of times I was mentioned online– which was sometimes “interesting”. It also alerted me to my newspaper columns being published. Did. Once upon a time. Never anymore. Not at all for the past few years.

Now I only get alerts about highschool sportsballers and whiny, entitled statists around the country who share with me the name “McManigal”. But never anything about my newspaper columns. It’s weird.

It may have something to do with the newspaper’s updated paywall, or with them doing something else differently. Something I may not be aware of.

But it’s interesting and disturbing who makes the news, and for what.

Even though I have a very low opinion of sportsball, and an even lower opinion of anything tied to kinderprison, those whiny, entitled McManigals– looking to someone else to save them from their own choices– are the ones who bother me the most. Yet these are the people served up by Google?

Even though I ask for subscriptions and donations to keep me going, I never imagine they are owed to me. I put my product out there and people can support it or not. I am not entitled to any support and I’m not going to whine when it doesn’t come. (Although I sometimes beg when a special need arises.)

Those people make me glad my dad was adopted, which means I’m probably not “blood-related” to any of the whiney statists Google keeps showing me. What a relief! (Probably for them, too.)

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A “productive conversation” on re-instituting slavery?

August 18, 2019

The anti-gun bigots out there are really upset that you and I aren’t willing to discuss “gun control” [sic] with them. I mean, why can’t we just sit down for a “productive conversation”?

There’s a very good reason: some topics are simply not worth discussing.

Why can’t “we” have a productive conversation on how to work out a compromise on slavery?

Because slavery is WRONG. There’s no possible compromise between slavery and the absence of slavery. There’s no reason to keep rehashing the topic. Nothing can ever change to make slavery OK. Not your feelings and not the behavior of bad people. It doesn’t matter how many people honestly believe slavery is necessary or will save lives.

That’s the same reason “we” can’t have a conversation on “gun control” [sic]. It’s wrong. It’s unethical. It’s illegal– of course, “laws” can be changed and the Constitution can be ignored. There’s no reason to keep rehashing the topic until you come up with the results you want. Nothing can ever make anti-gun “laws” OK. Not your feelings or the acts of bad people. It doesn’t matter how many people honestly believe slavery– in the form of anti-gun “laws”– is necessary or will save lives.

I’m not willing to “discuss” anti-gun ideas with anyone for the same reason I’m not willing to discuss re-instituting chattel slavery.

Their idea of “productive” is that they get to violate your natural human rights more than they already do. So, no, I’m not going to give you the time of day for that “conversation”.

Only anti-gun bigots find this unreasonable. Ethical people with worthwhile principles understand the trap and aren’t willing to participate in their own enslavement.

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American SS: celebrities?

August 16, 2019

I never thought I’d see the day when uniformed SS officers would go strutting through America and be received as celebrities.

Yet, I’ve witnessed it myself.

I took my daughter to the fair Wednesday evening. She had a friend along so I stayed out of their way. I wandered a bit, then found a seat and sat to people-watch.

Suddenly I saw what I took to be a group of SS officers marching in my general direction. I felt disoriented by the sight. I wish I’d thought quickly enough to take a photo (I also wish my phone settings hadn’t randomly and secretly changed to a lower resolution camera.)

I did manage to snap a couple of pictures (the top two above) when they stopped and milled with the crowd for a bit. I think one of the Brownshirts who came up to chat with them noticed me taking pictures. They were posing for pictures with people (their fans?), and I even think I saw one signing an autograph. And I just sat there thunderstruck at seeing SS officers being treated like celebrities.

I was so struck by the similarity that I did an image search for an SS uniform. Yeah, that’s what they were wearing.

Seriously, apart from the red armband and the silly hip flaps, and the fact that some of the uniforms were short-sleeved, the uniforms were standard SS– with U.S. touches and details, of course. This is the American SS– what the German SS evolved into.

I know there’s a mental trap here. Appearances don’t always mean what you think. A coral snake and a scarlet kingsnake look similar, but they aren’t the same thing. But the similar looks aren’t exactly coincidental. If you don’t know the difference you might run away from– or kill– the kingsnake because you believe it is venomous. The similar appearance means the kingsnake will be treated like a coral snake because it looks like a coral snake. To know these officers proudly wear something that looks nearly indistinguishable from a German SS uniform also means something.

Police are scum.

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My scary manifesto

August 15, 2019

(All the evil losers seem to be posting manifestos– or at least manifestos are posted and being attributed to them. Why do only the crazy losers get to write manifestos? I think I’ll take a crack at it.)

–My Manifesto–

You do you; I’ll do me.

I accept that I, as a human being, have no right to initiate force or violate property rights– both those concepts being covered by the statement: I have no right to archate.

You also have no right to archate, but if you do anyway it’s your problem.

I believe that if you are doing something you have no right to do, you are doing something wrong. If you make a habit of it you are one of the bad guys.

I don’t believe in punishment, which I see as revenge.

I do believe in defense.

I also believe in justice, which is punishment’s polar opposite. I won’t go after you claiming “justice”, although if you violate someone and don’t pay restitution I will not lift a finger to help you in any way. I will then advertise the fact and hope you die alone, exposed to the elements and starving for food and water. But it’s not my job, nor any human’s job, to do what nature will take care of just fine without my help.

I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a “right to govern” and see all attempts to govern anyway as archation; as attacks on the life, liberty, and property of others. I’m not obligated to stop you– but I won’t step in and prevent consequences from paying you an unpleasant visit. Play stupid games; win stupid prizes. And I may exercise the right to defend myself and others from your violations– at my discretion. If you choose to violate others, watch your back forever.

I don’t recognize your political government nor its “laws” as anything other than thuggery. The reality is that there will always be bad people around. I won’t let them dictate the terms of my life. Some bad people aren’t somehow “better” than others. If you continually choose to archate you are the same as every other person who continually chooses to archate.

If I try to impose myself or my values on you, you have the right to stop me. Whatever it takes. I have the same right if you are the one trying to impose on me. It doesn’t matter if this imposition and violation is called a “law” or an opinion.

Live and let live. Anything less is barbaric.

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Jury Duty day

August 14, 2019

If this posts, it means “my” jury duty didn’t get canceled at the last minute and I’m sitting in the courthouse. Hoping I’ll be allowed to do some good.

Support FIJA.

Watch for updates below if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

UPDATE: Well, the case was settled out of court but they forgot to update the website. The girl who does that was on vacation when they settled and didn’t think of it when she got back to work. “You didn’t call?” No, I checked the website like it said I could. And these are the people who know better how to run your life than you do.

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Anti-gun laws always wrong path

August 14, 2019

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for August 14, 2019)

In the wake of the recent mass shootings and the hype surrounding them, people are asking “why?” Simpletons parrot the popular answer: “guns”. Sensible people know there’s no single reason…read the rest

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A rude and unreasonable demand

August 13, 2019

From the link on “compromise” below


You can’t compromise liberty. There is no compromise between liberty– doing all you have a right to do– and someone’s unreasonable feelings.

And yet, that’s what rude anti-gun bigots demand.

No one has the right to demand someone else “give up some liberty”. There is no such thing as “too much liberty“, so there’s never any conflict.

When you are living your liberty you aren’t violating anyone in any way. It simply isn’t possible.

Those whose feelings are hurt by this truth just need to grow up and get out of the way. If they are scared or offended it’s a sign they are not sensible. If they demand you “compromise” your liberty for their feelings they are the bad guys. You have no obligation to deal with them. You certainly have no obligation to give up some of your liberty to make them feel better.

It wouldn’t work anyway. People who demand you compromise your liberty are broken people. They’ll never feel better because the problem is inside them. Nothing you give up will ever be enough for them. They’ll always demand “just a little more”.


I don’t want to be mean to anyone, but I’m not going to act as though anyone demanding someone else give up “some” liberty is being reasonable. They aren’t. They are being rude, nasty, childish, and irrational. They can’t be taken seriously, but they are a serious threat.

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Don’t become like the evil losers

August 12, 2019

There are many factors that contribute to a loser deciding to become an evil loser and shoot up a bunch of innocent (or even random guilty) people.

However, the statist knee-jerk reaction to enslave us all with “laws” for the acts of a few is just as bad as shooting into a crowd of innocent people. It absolutely is.

“Laws” kill people, including innocent people. That fact is swept under the rug by those who want to impose “laws”. All “laws” are enforced by death, no matter how trivial, but that’s not the only way they kill people.

If you are prevented from having the proper tools for defense when you need them, people may well die. Many already have.

If you advocate “laws” you are no better than those who gear up and go into a crowd and start shooting. Yes, some “laws” are less horrible than others– those are the unnecessary “laws”. But the very idea of– the superstitious belief in– “laws” is toxic to society. Don’t go down that path. You can be better than the evil losers. Act like it.

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Slavery gaining steam– Revenge by “law”

August 11, 2019

Red flag laws” are becoming all the rage. Or, as I call them: “Bitter Ex-Wife Revenge and Empowerment Acts“. Because you just KNOW that’s how they’ll mainly play out.

Well, has written a piece on where these bad ideas came from, how they “work”, and some of their consequences.

Seems to me only a pathetic coward would use a “red flag law” instead of doing the hard work to defend the innocent herself/himself– if there were a credible threat.

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