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Appreciating small "favors"

November 13, 2016

I don’t v*te, so I obviously don’t v*te for “the lesser of two (or more) evils”.

That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate when one of the lesser evils gets imposed on me instead of the greatest evil.

And, make no mistake, I am firmly convinced, due to decades of experience, that Hillary Clinton was that greatest of evils.

Just because I’m relieved the blizzard hit my house instead of the tornado doesn’t mean I wanted the blizzard. (OK, bad example- I generally love blizzards. But you know what I mean.) I also don’t believe it would make any difference if I petitioned the weather and requested the blizzard over the tornado. I’m better off preparing for both rather than begging the atmosphere to respect my wishes.

I’m slightly relieved when the one I believe (and it is ONLY a belief) I’m better equipped to survive strikes. I won’t choose a lesser evil, but I’m glad to avoid the greatest evil.

Yes, Trump has many insane ideas which would be disastrous for liberty- “stop and frisk”, a border wall and mass deportation, and “protectionism” of various sorts. However, I expect him to break those promises- as all presidents do- if he doesn’t get assassinated by the Hillarites first. That’s why even his scary promises don’t worry me too much. I will still oppose “laws” which violate anyone’s Rightful Liberty, no matter the justifications, no matter who they come from.

Whatever happens, I will continue to behave as I always do; hoping for the best while preparing for the worst.

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Cops, and my emotional response

November 10, 2016

My emotional response to cops can be illustrated by imagining finding half of a decomposing mouse in the burrito you have been eating.

My emotional response to those who support cops in any way can be illustrated by imagining watching someone eating, and enjoying, that burrito after they’ve discovered the rotting mouse.

When they notice me vomiting in disgust, they hate me and call me names, and get in my face to scream “You can’t seriously believe society can get by without these wonderful mouse nuggets in our food, can you? That’s Utopian!

But, that’s emotion. Emotion is obviously wrong to experience, and foolish to express. Just eat your burrito, ignore any strange smells, textures, or flavors, and love those heroes in blue.

I will say this, though: Expressing support for cops is expressing support for murder, rape, slavery, theft, and every other evil. You can deny it, and complain that I exposed it for what it is, but that is the absolute, unalterable fact. It’s not emotion; it’s not opinion. Cops are what they do, because “police” is a set of behaviors, not a person, and if you support them, you are supporting their acts. Yes, you really are- stop denying it. Do what you will, but civilized folk are watching you.

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Elections result in America losing

November 9, 2016

(My Clovis News Journal column for November 9, 2016)

 Presidents don’t really matter (my chosen headline)

By the time you are reading this, the presidential election will be history. Which I suppose is better than hysteria, which is what it has been for well over a year.

Perhaps there are some “electronic voting irregularities”– this year’s equivalent of “hanging chads”– casting a shadow over the results. Many will doubt the legitimacy of the results, suspecting the election was rigged. Actually, I can guarantee it’s rigged, because “abolish the office” and “keep your filthy government off my life” are never among the options offered…read the rest

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The religious ritual of v*ting

November 3, 2016

The only reason I can see for a liberty-leaning statist to v*te for Gary Johnson is as an attempt to break the hold of the DemoCRAPublicans. He’s no libertarian and his running mate William Weld is an authoritarian monster and anti-liberty bigot right up there with Donallary Clump (and actually much worse than one half of that twisted statist chimera).

But since it’s all a superstitious ritual anyway, even that’s a weak justification. Politics matters only to the extent you let it matter.

I will admit this, though- the v*ters are right about one thing. V*ting in and of itself is not an act of aggression.

Demanding that I go along with the results of your v*te, however, IS an act of aggression. If you would impose the results of your election on me by force, you are an aggressor. A thug. A bully.

You wouldn’t want to be a thug, would you? Then have your election and leave me alone. I do not consent.

So, v*te, but keep it classy and non-aggressive. Remember that it’s nothing but a religious ritual, and the results don’t apply to those who aren’t believers in your religion of Statism. You can’t demand that atheists tithe or go to confession, and we laugh at your threats to excommunicate us. Nor do we fear your Anarchist Hell, knowing it is really much preferable to your Statist Paradise. Your religion doesn’t have any hold on us.

I will not abandon my home just because the mafia moved in. So keep your “If you don’t like it, move to Somalia” comments to yourself, or I’ll suggest that if you love authoritarian government so much, perhaps you’d be happier in North Korea or Venezuela.

V*te if it makes you feel as though you’ve accomplished something, but keep your filthy government off my life. Thanks.

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Cops and politicians- parasites?

October 23, 2016

Are cops and politicians really parasites? After all, they do “give back” in exchange for what they take. That makes some people disagree with the assertion that they are parasites.

But what they give back is harmful and unwanted (at least I don’t want it). They give back rules and aggression in exchange for the liberty and property they take. Is that a good trade? Hardly.

I can’t steal $100 from you, then give you a Twinkie (or a bruise on your head) and call it even. Consent has to be part of the equation. It’s the most important part. Without consent, any act is a violation.

The cops and politicians could even give back more than they take, but when there is no consent in the taking, they are a parasite.

It’s not OK for me to take your pizza and give you my car, if you don’t agree to the trade. Maybe you have no use for a car, and are starving to death. I can’t claim you should be happy with the trade, so you should just shut up. Or, I can’t without looking like a thug. And this is what cops and politicians do. It is what they are.

Without consent, their taking- even if they imagine they give something up in return- is theft. They are parasites on society, because they are parasites on some individuals. Maybe not on you, but they are parasites feeding on me without my consent, and one person is enough to prove the claim.

Cops and politicians ARE parasites.

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It’s your right, but is it a good idea?

October 22, 2016

Just because it isn’t a good idea to exercise a right, does that mean you don’t have the right to do it? No.

This usually comes up with regards to “bearing arms“. You have the right to carry a full-auto AK-47 openly down the streets of NYC, and into a courthouse. And you would be murdered by government employees for doing so. I would argue this makes it not a good idea. But it is still within your rights.

This follows along with the right to commit suicide. Usually, I think suicide is not a good idea. But you have that right and no one can take it from you. And, I am sure other examples could be found everywhere, if one looked.

It’s not always smart to do everything you have an absolute human right to do. Not in every situation.

Why do people get confused over this?

Know what you have a right to do.
Stay within those rights.
Weigh the costs.
Be aware of circumstances.
Be smart.
Accept responsibility for your actions.

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Those who "believe in obeying the law"

October 21, 2016

A while back the newspaper editor posted a link to the story about how more people were caged for “marijuana offenses” than for all violent crimes combined.

Of course, some copsuckers had to pipe up to tell us why we should just obey the opinions of evil people (“laws“).

It is a very good illustration of the sick mindset of statists. It’s actually an argument in favor of Anonymous’ “Kill ’em all” comments, even though I hate to admit it, and I won’t do that even if I could.

Anyway, here is a sampling of the comments from one of the law lovers regarding Cannabis prohibition:

“Last I knew it’s still against the law.”

Like running away from the slave plantation? If you let “law” dictate your ethics or morals, you have none.

“Not going to argue the point. You don’t drive down main st. At 90 mph or steal from Wal Mart. Legalization is only a few years away but they can’t wait. It’s just a misdemeanor and unless they’re carrying weight no jail time. I just believe in obeying the law.”

Driving down Main St. at 90 MPH might be wrong if there are other people present, and if you present a credible threat to them or their property. But there is nothing inherently wrong with it just because someone made up an arbitrary “speed limit”

Stealing from a store is a violation of property rights. That makes it wrong. It would still be wrong even if legislation said it was OK- as with “taxation”, for example.

So, you think slaves should just have waited until the “laws” were changed, and they were wrong when they tried to escape? If you believe in obeying the “law”, without qualification, you are a fool and a moral cripple. Good people can’t “just believe in obeying the law“, but delusional State worshipers can. And do.

“My point is we don’t get to chose which laws we will obey or disobey. I’m sure you didn’t negotiate with your kids or your parents on their rules.”

Actually, you do get to choose which “laws” to obey, just like the BadgeScum choose which “laws” to enforce against whom. If a “law” mandates you to do the wrong thing, or prohibits you doing the right thing, and you have ethics and principles, you will not obey that “law”- at least as long as you can break the “law” without being shot or kidnapped right now. I choose which “laws” to obey all the time.

And most people (well, smart people anyway) did negotiate with their parents regarding the rules. And they may even get some of the arbitrary or harmful rules eliminated through negotiation. I would rather my daughter be able to think for herself, and make a good argument against bad rules, than just be obedient. And I let her know that. Does it make parenting harder? Yep. Too bad for me- it will turn her into a much better person than demanding obedience ever could. Obedience is for slaves.

“It all has to do with sociopathic behavior. I don’t need to play by the rules so when I go downhill it’s somebody else fault. Play by society’s rules. If your tailight is out. Get it fixed!”

When the rules are harmful, only sociopaths enforce them, and only cowards willingly obey them. If you go downhill, either because you “broke the rules” or for any other reason, it’s your own fault. Ask for help, and if you haven’t been a jerk, help may be offered.

Society is NOT the same as government. Government’s rules are often very different from society’s rules. Society’s rules have evolved over time, government’s rules have been dreamed up by insane bullies and imposed by force. Often, government’s rules oppose society’s rules, to the detriment of society.

Yes, if your tail light is broken, get it fixed. You’ll probably be safer, and I would appreciate your courtesy. I’ll even let you know if I see it broken without using that as an excuse to steal from you, waylay you, or violate your privacy. Only a really nasty bully would see a broken tail light and use it as a pretext for those violations. And, yes, cops are just that sort of nasty bullies.

And there you have it. This is why “we can’t have nice things”. Because evil idiots like this guy believe they are the “voice of reason” when they advocate unreasonable things. When they excuse the inexcusable.

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Government is slavery

October 17, 2016

It was near the beginning of my online life that I realized I am an abolitionist. Slavery is the ultimate anti-liberty. While no person can actually own another, the pretense that they can has been the justification for all sorts of evil throughout human history.

Most people don’t seem to realize that slavery is still a big problem- and not just the kind that comes to mind when they think of the word “slavery”- but forms of slavery they they may not recognize and may even support.

Government- The State- is slavery in every sense of the word.

If you are forbidden to do what you have a right to do, you are being enslaved. If someone claims to have a right to tell you where you can live, what you are allowed to put into your bloodstream, how to use your property, can take your property from you against your will, and says they can forbid your right to own and to carry tools, they are trying to enslave you. If they kidnap and cage you for doing what you have a right to do, the slavery has gone from the abstract to the concrete.

How much you allow them to succeed is up to you.

In one sense, it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

On the other hand, you must pick your battles. You are no good to anyone if you are dead.

And I can’t make that choice for you. No one can. Because you are not a slave, no matter how many want to enslave you, as long as you take responsibility for your own choices.

As long as you do that, I am proud of you.

Be pro-liberty. Be an abolitionist. Be the anti-slave.

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Do you have the right to defend yourself violently?

October 16, 2016

If you don’t have the right to defend your life, liberty, and property, with violence, from ALL who threaten or violate them, government employees included, you have no rights at all.

Yet, there are those who seriously say you have no right to use violence against aggressors, because doing so violates their right to life.

Those who make that claim are wrong.

And, no, it isn’t that aggressors “give up” their right to not have violence used against them when they choose to archate– it’s that they had no right to do so, and by choosing to do so they violated you, and you have the right to defend yourself. With violence if necessary. They made the choice; they can deal with the consequences.

So, yes, you have the absolute human right to defend yourself- with deadly force if necessary- against violators. Regardless of whether they work for the State or not, and regardless if those who work for the State are “just doing their job”. If their “job” is a violation, they are no different from any other violator, and should expect to be treated any different. If they don’t like that, they should quit and find an honest job.

A big “thank you!” to supporters of this blog. I probably couldn’t keep doing this without you.
I need to increase my monthly subscriptions by $55 to get to where I need to be. If you are a regular reader and feel your conscience whispering that you would feel better if you returned some value for value, I won’t disagree.

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From the Extraordinary Claims Department

October 15, 2016

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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The burden of proof lies with the person making the extraordinary claim, not with those who scoff at the claim..

Such as the claim that government employees should be allowed to kill people as long as it is called “capital punishment” or “war”.

It doesn’t matter that governments have been doing both– and getting away with it– for thousands of years and few have stood up to say it’s wrong. It is still an extraordinary claim.

I can’t accept this claim without extraordinary evidence in its favor. And I have yet to see any evidence, extraordinary or not. Lots of claims and emotions and name-calling; religious and statist claims, but nothing more. That won’t cut it for me.

My thought on the issue of capital punishment remains the same– it is murder motivated by revenge. It is a primitive, superstitious cleansing ritual. It taints everyone involved– no one comes out the good guy. When you hand government the power to kill, there is nothing left to hand it. You have accepted total State domination. It is wrong. Just because you approve of some of the murders doesn’t change it.

The ONLY ethical death penalty is carried out at the time and place of the attack, by the intended victim or a rescuer. Anything later is revenge. I understand the lust for revenge in some cases, but I also know it’s wrong.

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