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States need victims

February 14, 2018

Another way government makes people weak and pathetic.

Victim cultures share in common with honor cultures the sensitivity to slights or insults, but whereas those in an honor culture might try to retaliate (physically or otherwise), people in a victim culture will instead appeal to a powerful, omnipresent state/legal authority. Classic examples are Mao’s China and Stalin’s Russia. In contrast to honor cultures that expect victims to be strong and stern enough to defend themselves, and dignity cultures that expect victims to be calm and charitable when in a dispute or disagreement, victim cultures emphasize how complainants are emotionally or physically fragile, vulnerable, and weak. In order to have high status in a victim culture, one must perfect and dramatize a personal “narrative of suffering. (emphasis mine) Source.

Notice that it’s the overbearing presence of “authority” which gives weak and pathetic people the ability to form such a “culture”, and this then feeds the “authority”, creating a crippling feedback loop.

Statism is, and has always been, the preferred “culture” of the weak and pathetic, and of those evil enough to use the cowardice and childishness of the weak and pathetic to their advantage.

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Collecting the bones of an empire

February 13, 2018

Maybe I’m funny, but I look forward to a time after the US Empire has fallen in on itself, and pathetic “patriotic” losers of the future collect memorabilia from the police state past they miss; wearing the uniforms and insignia while clinging to their nostalgic delusions of a glorious past.

That’s something some in the area formerly bullied by the USSR do now, so I fully expect a parallel in North America.

Now, I understand some simply collect historical items– this isn’t what I’m referring to. Read the first paragraph again if you are confused.

The USSR collapsed, but Russia remains.
America will probably still be around after the USA falls, too.
If not, that’s OK with me.

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Even best president* no role model

February 11, 2018

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for January 10, 2018.
*Their words, not mine! I don’t write the headlines.)

When Ronald Reagan began his first successful run for president, I wasn’t quite old enough to vote. I liked what he said and I put a Reagan campaign sticker on my car.

During his first term, I felt Reagan did a good job as president, and I voted for him in the next election. Then he did something unforgivable: he colluded with Congress to further regulate guns.

This was one of the main reasons I had never supported the other side. Gun laws were a non-negotiable betrayal in my book. Being young and naive, I hadn’t educated myself about Reagan’s anti-gun history in California. I just took people’s word that he was on the side of less government power and meddling. He said the right things, but failed to live up to them.

It was a rude shock; one I have never forgotten.

I reluctantly supported Republicans for several more years, but kept noticing they acted just like the guys I was counting on them to stop as soon as they got into office. Continually infringing on gun ownership and other matters of individual rights.

I began to notice other troubling things. I value liberty– the ability to exercise the rights all humans possess. Even the politicians who claimed to be on my side were scared of liberty. They wanted it in a box, carefully monitored. They understood it was the natural enemy of government. They kept stabbing me in the back as soon as it was convenient. The politicians I didn’t support never even pretended to be on my side.

What was a man to do?

I grew up. I stopped looking to politicians as role models or moral examples. I came to realize they were concerned with getting elected, and frequently with imposing an agenda they and their supporters wanted, whether it was good for people or not. Anti-liberty laws are never good for people, even when people foolishly believe they are.

Beyond that I came to realize the politician doesn’t matter because the system is rigged to destroy individual liberty. Government is part of the problem, not the solution. You can’t fix it by electing a different person to a position which shouldn’t exist, to do things no one has a right to do. The problem is too deep. The solution is individual responsibility, not politics.

The realization was very liberating. It was also just the beginning of freeing myself. I should be grateful to Ronald Reagan for the betrayal which first opened my eyes.

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If archation is OK

February 5, 2018

Maybe archation isn’t a problem. Maybe you do have the right to initiate force and take, damage, or otherwise violate the property of others.

Where does that lead, if that’s the case?

Theft, murder, rape, kidnapping, vandalism, trespassing… it’s all fine. If you have the right to do it, then no one has the right to stop you.

Or, maybe some would argue that only a government— a group of people claiming “authority“– has the right to do those things, and only as necessary to do the “job”.

Where would that lead?

To the exact same place, but with people pretending it’s all fine. Individuals shouldn’t do those things, but if an individual who belongs to group that claims “authority” does them, well that’s just peachy.

That’s part of why statism just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

But, if I’m wrong… well, I’ll leave that for tomorrow. See you then.

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State of the "union" in 2018?

January 30, 2018

There is no union. It’s a big lie.

Are prisoners held in the same cage necessarily united? Do they share goals beyond getting out of the cage? Is that enough to make them a cohesive group? Not really.

The people of the formerly “united” states of the late America are no more united than those prisoners. In fact, they are probably less united because most former Americans have been brainwashed into not even considering escape as an option. They can’t even conceive of liberty from bondage anymore.

If there ever was a union, it’s been gone for some time now. Good riddance.

It’s time to move on. To do what you have a right to do and to reject and shun those who want to molest you. It’s time for liberty. For externally imposed government: Time’s up. Get out of my life.

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January 29, 2018

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Christmas good holiday for outlaws

January 21, 2018

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for December 20, 2017)

Christmas is a good holiday for outlaws.

No, not for criminals. For outlaws. What? You don’t know the difference?

Let me explain why outlaws are not your enemy and why Christmas is a great outlaw holiday.

The difference between an outlaw and a criminal is that the outlaw breaks bad laws, never throwing the first punch and never taking or damaging anyone else’s property. Everything is through mutual consent. Criminals, on the other hand, attack the innocent and steal, vandalize, and trespass.

Who is an outlaw? The public school principal who has the assembly stand to be led in prayer at an official school function is an outlaw. So is the neighborhood drug dealer who peacefully ignores prohibition. The preacher who feeds the homeless is an outlaw in many parts of America. As is the activist who educates jurors about their responsibilities– against the wishes of the court.

I would argue that Jesus was an outlaw, although those who desperately want to legitimize government might claim he only pushed the envelope– going as far as he could without technically breaking any laws. Which is a very “outlaw” thing to do.

In the classic Rankin/Bass Christmas special “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town“, Kris Kringle is an outlaw who violates the Burgermeister’s toy prohibition.

Christmas is a wonderful excuse for “strawman purchases”, where you buy something government wants to track, then give it to someone government didn’t scrutinize and approve as worthy to own it.

People get sneaky around Christmas; hiding gifts, being “secret Santas”, snooping under the tree.

It isn’t mandatory to celebrate the holiday any specific way, or to celebrate at all. It’s anarchy! That’s what makes it fun, and what makes it work.

As mentioned above, some people use the holiday season as an excuse to feed the less fortunate– without a food preparation permit or a restaurant license. And somehow, no mass poisoning occurs. Sometimes, arrests do result, though. Such arrests are an example of a much greater wrongdoing.

Author and founder of The On Line Freedom Academy (, Jim Davies, refers to government employees who impose and enforce these harmful laws as “kriminals”. They are a special kind of criminal. Their harm may be legal, but it’s neither right nor ethical.

In various times and places, even Christmas itself has been outlawed, which seems to mean only outlaws would have been the ones celebrating it.

This Christmas, if you feel so inclined, be a good outlaw, not a criminal or a kriminal. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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Government’s way or nothing!

January 5, 2018

Statists love false “either/or” scenarios. Either you agree to their beloved police state tactics, or obviously you just advocate chaos, death, and destruction. I actually have an example from a few days ago.

In response to my post against checkpoints (on G+), some Comrade Kapitalism guy actually claimed that since I was against checkpoints (which he claimed are not intrusive and are effective at protecting people from drunk drivers), then I was against ALL safety measures. Yes, ALL of them.

So I told him about a safety measure that could actually work without violating everyone’s rights, and he said that (under the current situation) it’s too expensive.

Government extremists want it both ways. If you don’t go along with what they want, then you want “nothing” to be done. Just like if you don’t want people robbed to finance libraries, you hate libraries. If you show that they are wrong, they’ll just find another thing to whine about. They are nimble whiners.

Cowards, lazy non-thinkers, and ethical cripples. It’s what makes a statist a statist.

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Sick, sick people

January 2, 2018

A couple of days ago, I let the b$%*#rds “get to me”. Not a shining moment.

No, I didn’t really get nasty with them, but my face got hot with rage and I was shaking. I should have taken that as a clue to just walk away.

On a local FB page, someone had posted a meme begging people not to publicize upcoming police “checkpoints”, saying something like “what if someone’s child dies because you helped a drunk avoid the checkpoint?“.

I stated that I would rather risk a few drunk drivers than armed highwaymen shaking down travelers for their “papers”. You and I both know “drunk driving” is just the excuse used because the Blue Line Gang knows people are cowardly and will accept the molestation for “safety”. The copsuckers (yes, and I use that word in the most negative way possible) on the page are apparently still ignorant of that fact.

I didn’t appreciate the replies directed at me.

I censored myself when I replied, and let it be known I was censoring myself because I knew they were speaking from a position of ignorance over what I’ve been through. But I told them that you can justify any police state tactics with “what ifs” and “safety”, and that, if they like having armed goons shaking down travelers for their “papers” so much, perhaps they’d be happier in North Korea, where I hear liberty isn’t very popular, but at least the people are “safe”.

And then I left the group.

There are some good people in the group, but the copsuckers make it not worth the trouble. Those people foul spacetime with what passes for thought in their tiny minds. I don’t know why I am still amazed at what copsuckers will accept if their Blue Gods tell them it’s for their own good, but I am. However, I need to cut the worst of them from my life, for my own health.

To be quite honest, I see zero ethical difference between defending and supporting cops and defending and supporting child molesters or actual, swastika-wearing Nazis. No, I’m not saying all cops are child molesters or Nazis, I am saying cops are as ethically indefensible as those groups. To me. That is what I see when I see a cop, and when I see people defending them, I see people trying to defend the indefensible. Siding with the bad guys.

I’ll stick with the cat groups on FB. They are better for me.

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Looking through your magic lenses

December 30, 2017

Some people believe I single out cops as bad guys. But that’s only because they single out cops to excuse from the standards of civilized and decent behavior they hold most everyone else to.

I don’t like or support anyone who initiates force or who violates property rights. No one. This is pretty much the minimum for being libertarian. If someone habitually violates life, liberty, or property I am not going to consider them a good guy. Their excuses and justifications don’t matter to me. If they take a “job” that requires this type of behavior, then they are not “good” people.

There are no good mafia hitmen, no good cops, no good muggers, no good tax collectors, no good rapists. Doing the bad things for money doesn’t make them better than doing them freelance. All the above can be nice people when not engaging in the worst part of what they do, but they can’t ever be good people until or unless they STOP what they have been doing, make restitution, and never violate anyone again.

Yes, a bad guy can become a good guy in a heartbeat, but it requires facing, honestly, the evil he has been doing. Bad guys are never going to do this as long as people keep excusing them and patting them on the back for their “service”.

So, no, I don’t single out cops. I am against ALL bad guys, equally. It’s only because some people refuse to hold cops accountable that it looks like I am singling out cops. It’s an illusion. They are the ones singling out cops.

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