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Why sacrifice your children to him?

March 11, 2018

Horace Mann’s “lethal monster” – that’s what Jim Davies called kinderprison. That’s a pretty accurate description of that obsolete institution of compliance and indoctrination. Oh, it works pretty well for compliance and indoctrination, just not at all well for education, which is the lie which is told to justify it.

It seems Horace Mann would be reviled by all who value education and liberty, and honored by those who support the Prussian System of child abuse.

Many “parents” support government schools as a babysitting service. They could get a better deal if they kept the money which is stolen in support of the schools, and spent it somewhere that competed for their business. I’ll bet more actual education would be offered, as well.

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School, not guns, is the problem

February 23, 2018

Allowing government schools to continue to exist is a safety nightmare.

First of all, you are putting your kids in the hands of cowards and ethical cripples. They ban the decent people from being armed, which encourages evil losers to treat the school as a shooting gallery. If you work for or in a school, and you don’t fight against the “no guns/weapons” policies you are part of the problem. If you help those policies be enforced you are so much worse.

Schooling is not synonymous with education, and it’s long past time to banish that religious delusion. Calling for government schools– kinderprisons— to be abolished completely isn’t speaking out against education; it is placing education over indoctrination.

But, if someone wants their kids to be indoctrinated into the statist religion in a state-administered shooting gallery, that’s their business– as long as they don’t force others to pay for it, and they don’t try to impose compulsory attendance “laws”. Truancy is not ever wrong and can’t be a real crime.

“School shootings” are only a symptom of a destructive government program which has been destroying individuals and families for much too long. It’s past time to make them go away, or at least limit the damage they do to those who are too ignorant to care. Death to kinderprison!

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Overprotection brings irresponsibility

December 21, 2017

I think the current overprotection of children is harmful. I know I’m not the first to point this out, but I don’t think it can be said enough– until it stops.

No one can learn responsibility without being given the opportunity to be irresponsible. And unless they’ve been given this opportunity in small doses all along, just suddenly handing them a lighter, a knife, or a loaded gun might bring disaster. This is the fault of those who have restricted their access as much as it is theirs.

Because yes, kids should have easy access to lighters, knives, and loaded guns. And they need to learn that actions have consequences.

It helps if responsible adults, who have good familiarity with guns, knives, fire, and all sorts of dangerous things, are there to provide guidance at first. But keeping kids away from guns, knives, fire, etc., means there will not be any adults qualified to fill this role before too long. This won’t end well.

Yes, there is the risk of kids maiming or killing someone if they have access to dangerous things. The problem is, keeping them away from dangerous things doesn’t make anyone any safer, it just changes the nature of the risk that you are practically guaranteeing.

The current way has been an utter disaster. Keeping guns “away” from kids leads to mass shootings. for one thing. This world is full of dangers. You aren’t doing anyone a favor by raising a generation of ignorant people who are unequipped to deal with reality.

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December 16, 2017

I think it’s really unfortunate, and confusing, when one word is used to speak of two concepts which are totally unrelated– or even at odds with each other.

Sometimes, such as with the word “ring”, no one confuses one definition for the other, and even if they did, probably no harm would come of it. But sometimes the completely unrelated meanings are extremely dangerous to confuse.

Such as with the word “authority”.

The word can mean “expert” or “competence”. This is a positive concept; the good kind of authority. This is the kind of authority which deserves respect.

But, when used in the political sense it refers to a bully or an act of bullying. There is nothing positive about political “authority“. This kind of “authority” deserves nothing but contempt. Being competent at bullying isn’t a good thing at all.

With the same word being used for both, and the confusion being encouraged, most people get very mixed up and wind up believing political “authority” means the same as the other meaning of “authority”, or that they at least overlap. It doesn’t, and they don’t. Not even close. But political “authorities” would love for you to fall for the deception– it’s a very useful lie. Useful to them; devastatingly harmful to you.

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It’s logical and factual

October 24, 2017

If theft is defined as an act in which property is taken from the owner against the owner’s will, and if taxation is an act which (ever) involves property being taken from its owner against that person’s will, then taxation is theft. If taxation is theft, and theft is wrong, then taxation is wrong.

In the same way…

If you can’t archate and remain a good person, and cops have to archate to keep their “job”, then cops who continue to be cops can’t be good people.

You can rail against either point all you want, but you can’t change the truth.

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"Ban all the things!"

October 3, 2017

Parenting. Fun fun.

A few days ago, my daughter was playing some online games, and came across one she has decided to hate. When she saw it she said “I wish they would ban that game!

I asked if it wouldn’t be better to just not play it if she doesn’t like it. Leave it there for the people who do like to play it. I asked “How is it hurting you?

This is how statism gets a grip. It’s too easy to call for something you don’t like to be banned. Even if something is wrong or harmful, banning it isn’t the proper way to deal with it.

She moved on, and later even played the game she had wanted banned, with a friend.

I really try to not lecture– although she considers anything I say to be a lecture. I hope she is learning to figure these things out for herself.

(She’s still more mature than the anti-gun bigots proudly displaying their ignorance, stupidity, and evil in the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass murder.)

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Discriminate in the lessons you learn

September 24, 2017

Everyone can be your teacher. But be careful of what you learn.

You can learn something from anyone. If you ever run across someone you can’t learn from, you have learned that there are people you can’t learn from, and that would mean you learned something from them after all.

But… be very careful listening to people who believe in governing others, or who believe it’s OK to archate.

When someone starts from a position that far off-base, you will need to be extra cautious in analyzing everything else they say.

So, even if Abraham Lincoln said some things you can learn from, he started from a position of superstition and ignorance. If you pay attention to things he said, without discriminating the good from the nonsense, you’ll pay for it. Remember that at all times.

The same goes for anyone who believes governing others can be a positive thing. Whether they are military, a politician, a journalist, a bureaucrat, or whatever. If they are wrong about something so fundamental, you know the chances are high that they are wrong about other things– even if things they say sound good.

So, weigh their words. Keep the gold, toss out the junk, and keep learning.

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Bully factories

September 13, 2017

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Statists are crybabies

August 17, 2017

How many times have you been minding your own business, just talking to other liberty lovers, when some statist troll pops up and says: “Show me how your imaginary anarchist society will work!” or some other version of “It can’t work!

It happens to me all the time.

But, when I direct them to this blog, to my books, to my Dispatches from Libertopia blog, and to my website, they whine that they don’t want to read all that stuff. They won’t even bother to watch simple videos! It’s “too much” or not what they wanted to hear.

They don’t want links that would require them to lift a finger. Clicking is hard! And they might have to think!

Nope, they want to be spoonfed. They want everything to be written anew, just for them. And, of course, they won’t listen anyway, because they really just want to whine.

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Pull down their statues?

August 16, 2017

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