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Seasonal foolishness that makes me smile

December 7, 2016

It’s not essential, but…

If anyone out there would like to chip in to help me with December birthday gifts and/or Christmas/Solstice/Festivus gifts, it would be appreciated.

And, if not, that’s fine, too.

I’m not looking to give anyone a new AR-15 or ounce of gold (probably no one on my list would appreciate the value of those items like I would, anyway), and the bizarre overpriced toy my daughter wants most seems to be unavailable around here in any case, but a little extra coin would be really nice right now.

I have already spent more than was prudent, but that’s my mistake, not yours. You have no obligation to help out.

But, if you were considering a one-time donation in the near future anyway, this would be a great time to pull the trigger. Various links to Paypal and Bitcoin are located over on the right side of this post.

In either case, thank you.



All assistance should be voluntary

November 30, 2016

(My Eastern New Mexico News [formerly the Clovis News Journal] column for November 30, 2016)

Help one another, voluntarily (my chosen headline)

It is once again the season to remember the less fortunate. On one hand, you shouldn’t need an annual reminder to be good to other people, but on the other hand, sometimes it’s fortunate the calendar has a few such reminders built in.

If someone wants to help those in need, there is nothing stopping her from freely giving her own money and time to those she feels deserve help.

Yet most who feel more money should be spent on their favorite government programs are never content to simply chip in– they demand laws forcing everyone else to do the same…read the rest

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Happy Crazed Consumer Day

November 25, 2016

I have nothing against buying things, and getting a good deal when you do. But, to make up a pseudo-holiday strictly for that purpose seems a bit manipulative.

And that name- “Black Friday“! Always sounds like doom. Who would want to be a part of that?

I have never participated. Partly because I don’t wish to be trampled and mauled. Partly because I’ve never had enough money to spend to make it worth the effort.

However you spend today, I hope you enjoy it.

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The only thing you don’t have a right to do

November 6, 2016

The list of things you have a right to do is an infinite list.

You have an absolute human right to smoke pot, carry a gun, be fat, act silly, trade with others, be a racist, believe in a “flat Earth”, drive a car, say offensive things, have sexist thoughts, speak your mind, wear a hat, travel, learn, have mutually consensual sex, read, own and modify a home, pick your nose, or uncountable other acts.

Really there’s only one thing you don’t have a right to do: to archate.

As long as the thing listed above is done without archation, you have a right to do it.

Archation comes in many guises. The mugger and the IRS employee are archating. The cop and the little parasite “playing” the “knock out game” are archating. The burglar and the game warden are archating.

Archation is the opposite of anarchy. It is the use of the political means, rather than the economic means. While not limited to those calling themselves “government” it is behaving as a State acts; using aggression or violating private property. If you add archation to anything you otherwise have a right to do, you don’t have a right to do it. Not that way.

And, if you try to prevent people from doing anything they have a right to do, you have become the bad guy. It is no different to use a “law” than to use a gun- if you are archating, your method is irrelevant.

You have no right to govern other people. To attempt to do so is an act of archation. Your victim has the right to defend himself (and others) from you. If you don’t like that reality, stop being a thug.

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Here’s your "stupid" sign

October 30, 2016

Around town I see a couple of signs that warn me to not spend money with certain businesses.

“Support the Blue. We do”
“Support law enforcement”

No. I won’t support dangerous gangs. I don’t support those who violate peaceful people, no matter what their justification might be. And I don’t support those who do. It’s a pathetic quisling act to go out of your way to announce your support of scum.

I will not be spending any money at any business that advertises their support for gang activities. Policing is NOT about a person; it is about a set of aggressive, thieving behaviors. Behaviors no decent person would ever commit or condone.

It’s a good thing that those who love rapists, murderers, thieves, and other molesters (with badges) let me know that they support the bad guys, so I can choose not to spend my precious dollars with them. If only all thug-lovers were so open about it.

But, I’m sure they are rewarded by copsuckers far beyond the loss of my piddling purchases. It’s what “polite society” does. “Polite society” worships the parasites that feed on it.

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Should be embarrassed, but not smart enough to realize it

October 29, 2016

“All taxes are theft and should be abolished? That means police, firefighters, the entire justice system, the military, all public infrastructure like roads and bridges, etc. should be funded through private donations? All those generous, philanthropic Americans out there would just graciously donate money to these groups even without a tax deduction (since there would be nothing to deduct from)? That sounds like the apocalypse, and would go over like a lead balloon. But at least the ‘taxes steal our money’ argument would disappear because there would be no Treasury or U.S. Mint to print the money we use. There will be no Federal Reserve either, so who’s going to set interest rates, people on Wall Street? The SEC? Haha! Within a decade we’ll be back in the Middle Ages trading chickens for grain. Sounds awesome. And don’t tell me we could just privatize the Department of Treasury since that idea is so inherently flawed that the premise itself is illogical.”

This is the so-called “thinking” of a statist. Posted without shame and free of irony on social media.

The flaws in his premises are so obvious they don’t even seem worth pointing out. Feel free to do so anyway, in the comments. And they are numerous. Every scenario he apparently fears is based on an utter misunderstanding of how reality works, and what the bullies of “government” do.

I’ll address just one of his delusions: money.

Money requires no government. If people want it, they will create it- without a “Federal Reserve” or a “Treasury Department” making bad money and ordering them to use it. And people WILL want money for most trades. I guarantee it.

Interest rates don’t need to be “set” by anyone- they’ll find their balance. Interest rates are like any other price. The market will find a price range, depending on many factors. If the “people on Wall Street” decided on an interest rate that was not in line with the market for money, anyone anywhere could compete with them, and beat them. It takes a government to protect a monopoly.

It should encourage you to know this is what we are up against. This is how the brighter-than-average statist on the street thinks. It is also how most of those who work for government think. And this is why they will go extinct. Sure, right now they have the drop on us. They have more guns and an open season on us. That situation won’t last. I don’t know when it will end, but it will end.

Bide your time. Prepare. Learn. Think. Educate. Speak up in private conversations and anywhere you believe it might have an impact. There is a change in the wind, and I can smell something new.

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Competition is good!

October 28, 2016

The boots I wear all the time were good boots. They were given to me for Christmas about 8 years ago, and I wear them every day. I have climbed all over rocky canyons, walked rough mountain trails, and even crossed many a parking lot (which, in my experience is harder on footwear than anything else) in them. They have scratches, but keep holding up for the most part.

When the soles and heels start wearing out, I just run to the boot repair place and get them fixed up and ready for more years and miles. The cost has been about $25 to $40 both times I’ve had them fixed. Not a bad deal at all, considering what a new pair would cost me.

But, things change.

My boot repair shop went out of business a while back.

Not to worry; I knew there were more places around.

Well, now it is time for another repair. I looked and found that there were still two boot repair places listed locally. I took that information and headed out with my boots.

Then I hit a snag. The first place seems to no longer exist, and the phone number is non-working. Oops. Well, there’s still one place.

So, that’s where I went.

Unfortunately, they no longer have any competition in the area. What cost me $40 at most just a couple of years ago will cost me $90 this time! (I have no idea how I’m going to pay for it, either!)

I’m hoping that a lack of competition doesn’t also affect the quality of their work. I guess I’ll find that out next week.

Competition has benefited me in the past, and now a lack of competition looks as though it’s going to cost me. I suppose the boot repair place is happy they no longer have any competition.

Competition keeps prices down, and keeps quality (and customer satisfaction) up. Just look at what happens without it- it’s like government when there’s no competition. Yes, I realize I still have a choice, so it’s not completely government-like. I can drive somewhere else and find someone who might repair my boots more cheaply, or I can just buy new footwear, or buy something for my feet from Goodwill (Salvation Army had better prices, but they closed the local store a couple of years ago), or I can make some moccs. There are always choices, even if I don’t like any of them.

I plead to the market gods- please inspire someone to open a new boot repair shop in the area! I can’t afford the situation as it now exists.

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October 24, 2016

I’m a bit desperate for some donations right now. If you are so inclined, and can afford it, please think about making a donation, or signing up as a subscriber.

Links to all the donation/subscription options are there to the right.



The value of liberty (PINNED)

October 16, 2016

… and of those working to promote it the best we know how.

Even though my subscriptions are down by $55 from last year, I have been scraping by. That is due to donations which often come in the nick of time. Mostly, it works. Which amazes me.

I love my donors.

I also love my subscribers.

I would really appreciate a few more of both. Or either.

I know these begging posts are annoying- they annoy me, too. I can’t expect each reader to subscribe to the order of $100 per month, or many one-time donations that knock my socks off (and I don’t expect either), but whatever you can do, if you consider this blog to be of value (and if you can afford it) is greatly appreciated.

Either way, know that I value each and every reader (yes, even you) whether you’ve ever subscribed or donated or not, and I hope you are getting something of worth each time you show up to read a post. Well, all the real posts, anyway. And I sincerely thank you.

Enjoy watching the train wreck called “politics”, if you’re into such things. Creepy clowns, indeed.

And if other liberty ideas are more important to you, I welcome your advice on topics you’d like me to explore from my perspective.

Have a great day!


Government is wrong

October 4, 2016

Government, and support of government, is parasitic. It is wrong. Just so wrong.

The political means is the method of the parasite. Where one lives at the expense of others. Where there is a winner and a loser. The political means is what rapists and muggers and cops and burglars and DMV employees employ. It is wrong. Even if you can’t imagine life or civilization without it, it is wrong.

Its opposite- the economic means- is the method of the decent person; the non-parasite. Where both parties win. Where interaction is by mutual consent. Where there is no punishment for choosing to not interact.

You can see the evil inherent in the political means more clearly by using the economic means as a mirror. Doing so, honestly, you can’t fail to see that government- The State– and all associated with it are in the wrong.

Is this judgmental of me?


I am judgmental toward people who commit acts of pure evil and destroy the lives of others; who act as parasites so that they can win while others lose.

The question is, why would anyone not be?

My subscriptions are down about $65 from a year ago. That may not sound like much, but when you live on the edge as I do, it’s a lot. I desperately need to replace (or surpass) those subscriptions. 
A big “thank you!” to supporters of this blog. I probably couldn’t keep doing this without you.

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