“Gun control” is collective punishment


Collective punishment. I’ve said before how much I dislike it, and why– herehere, and here.

Your fear, helplessness, or anger doesn’t justify collective punishment. Nothing does; nothing can.

Anti-gun “laws”, anti-gun bigots dishonestly call them “gun control”, are nothing but collective punishment. Punishing innocent people for something someone else did– something they didn’t do and wouldn’t do– just because it’s too hard to do anything about what happened. And just because the solution isn’t what they want to do.

It’s just another reason (in a large and growing stack of reasons) I despise anti-gun “laws”.

I recently saw a question asking whether gun owners felt guilt over the latest school shooting by an evil loser. No, I don’t. I didn’t do it, and I wasn’t there to try to prevent or stop it. Whether or not I have a gun has no bearing on any school shooting– my guns were irrelevant. Disarming me wouldn’t make anyone safer, except bad guys in my presence. How can anyone be stupid enough to see that as a positive thing?

How can anyone be stupid enough to advocate or support any anti-gun “laws”?

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