All assistance should be voluntary

(My Eastern New Mexico News [formerly the Clovis News Journal] column for November 30, 2016)

Help one another, voluntarily (my chosen headline)

It is once again the season to remember the less fortunate. On one hand, you shouldn’t need an annual reminder to be good to other people, but on the other hand, sometimes it’s fortunate the calendar has a few such reminders built in.

If someone wants to help those in need, there is nothing stopping her from freely giving her own money and time to those she feels deserve help.

Yet most who feel more money should be spent on their favorite government programs are never content to simply chip in– they demand laws forcing everyone else to do the same…read the rest

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One Response to “All assistance should be voluntary”

  1. sofa Says:

    For generations, Americans were the most giving; to charities, to benevolent societies, to others in need. Famous wordwide for personal giving and for helping another.

    Like in all other aspects of our lives, then the government stepped in and had to control charity too. Now churches and hospitals and shelters all suck at the government teet. With gov't thieving more and more, people have less and less. Personal giving is way done. And the gov't help provided is in dribs and drabs, has huge administrative staff, and comes with strings.

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