The value of liberty (PINNED)

… and of those working to promote it the best we know how.

Even though my subscriptions are down by $55 from last year, I have been scraping by. That is due to donations which often come in the nick of time. Mostly, it works. Which amazes me.

I love my donors.

I also love my subscribers.

I would really appreciate a few more of both. Or either.

I know these begging posts are annoying- they annoy me, too. I can’t expect each reader to subscribe to the order of $100 per month, or many one-time donations that knock my socks off (and I don’t expect either), but whatever you can do, if you consider this blog to be of value (and if you can afford it) is greatly appreciated.

Either way, know that I value each and every reader (yes, even you) whether you’ve ever subscribed or donated or not, and I hope you are getting something of worth each time you show up to read a post. Well, all the real posts, anyway. And I sincerely thank you.

Enjoy watching the train wreck called “politics”, if you’re into such things. Creepy clowns, indeed.

And if other liberty ideas are more important to you, I welcome your advice on topics you’d like me to explore from my perspective.

Have a great day!



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