What are people worth?

In politics, one’s worth is almost entirely subjective.

Sure, all humans have a baseline “worth” simply because they are humans. From that level ground, they either add to their worth during their lifetime by being kind, helpful, or productive, or they subtract from their worth by being aggressive, unpleasant, or parasitic.

Since politicians are some mix of both- with the unshakable reality of aggression and parasitism attached by definition to the poor choice of being a politician- they have to appear to lean heavily toward the positive human traits to break even. Very few manage it even for a short time. Think Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi as prime examples of those who gave up even trying to appear pleasant. Or even human.

Someone is not worth more due to being president, a congressvermin, or any other political position. In fact, by my estimation, the very best possible outcome for a politician’s worth is that he’ll be as worthwhile as any random person you might encounter on the street. That’s just hypothetical, of course, since the reality is none have even approached that level.

But, for those blinded by the star-power of politicians, they imagine them to be of a higher class than the rest of us. “Worth more”. It’s a silly opinion, but it’s what they believe. You aren’t going to reason them out of their delusions.

Your worth is also subjective to a politician. What can they get from you and how can you be used? Beyond that, you are nothing to them, no matter how they act to your face.

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When “Don’t tread on me” just isn’t enough

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12 Responses to “What are people worth?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The whole universe is worthless. Humans are one evil element thereof.

    Kill them all. If there is a way to destroy the universe, kill it too.

    Fuk god.

  2. Kent McManigal Says:

    Humans are the only element of the Universe (that we know of so far) that can be evil. Or good. Or loving, hateful, ethical, or whatever. Everything else is neutral, and to destroy the entire Universe for such a tiny fraction of it is unbelievably selfish and childish.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You say that because you are human and unable to objectify. If we were discussing an infestation of termites into your home, you would be all about killing them all.

    Termites are god's creatures and have feelings too. They have a natural right to be termites, to eat wood and build a home. Right?

    What happens to a house that is overgrown with mold beyond repair? ..Or a herd gets infested with a nasty disease?

    What do you do with an evil aggressive selfish territorial shit species who have infested a planet, and who most of which are incapable of anything beyond general stupidity and savagery?

    You approach it like you would a termite or roach infestation; you communicate to them and do your best to convince them to change. Right?

  4. Kent McManigal Says:

    All termites are not a problem- only those infesting your house (or other people's houses). Termites are necessary for the biosphere- and most never infest houses. Government is the infestation in your house. Deal with it and don't target the humans who aren't the problem.

    Also, I see no sign that termites are capable of individuality. Humans are. If killing all termites would be a poor decision (and it would be), then to kill all humans is even worse.

  5. Enlightened Rogue Says:

    Not just the whole world, as before, but now the whole UNIVERSE is laughing at you.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    …as if my concern is to impress the universe I find so little value in.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Are you suggesting Earth is not inhabited by humans?

  8. Kent McManigal Says:

    The entire Earth doesn't belong to you (or anyone).

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Of course. That is the whole point. All those who infest it and turn it into Idiocracy meets Nineteen Eighty Four, all those who think it and everyone is theirs to violate, need extermination.

  10. Kent McManigal Says:

    And, if you discern who those are, and don't follow the lead of States by ignoring “collateral damage”, I have no problem with you defending your life, liberty, and property with deadly force.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    It's not just statists. Humans, in general, are evil. It is a condition of our DNA. Humans are inclined to be selfish and greedy(among other things), often at the expense of others. DNA correction is not an option. So humans should be exterminated.

    It would be great if you could simply reason with people, show them how to love and respect each other. Getting along is so easy. But humans are not interested in getting along.

  12. Kent McManigal Says:

    I was exposed to the principles of liberty, then with that nudge, I thought my way out of statism and “the political means”. I know others who have done the same.

    Humans aren't genetically evil- they are genetically self interested. Someone has to demonstrate why it is always in their own best interests to live in liberty (because it really is, you know), which also requires respecting the liberty of others.

    That being said, I ran across an example that seems to support your thesis today, and if I can manage it, I'll do a post about it soonish.

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