Don’t be a "freedomarian"

There’s a reason it’s “libertarian” and not “freedomarian”.

 Yes, freedom sounds great- doing whatever you want, with no limits. Until the guy next to you is doing the same. Then it’s not so wonderful. In fact, it’s often unsurvivable.

Freedomarians would not be good neighbors.

On the other hand, liberty is self-limiting. You can never have “too much” because as soon as your “freedom” violates someone else, you don’t have the liberty to do it.

Libertarians recognize this fact. Thus, libertarian, not freedomarian.

My subscriptions are down about $65 from a year ago. That may not sound like much, but when you live on the edge as I do, it’s a lot. I desperately need to replace (or surpass) those subscriptions. 
A big “thank you!” to supporters of this blog. I probably couldn’t keep doing this without you.

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