I’m nice, but I won’t lie to you

People who know me consider me a nice guy, so it shocks them when I refuse to lie and say cops are OK people. (And actually, the same goes for all politicians and bureaucrats- they are not OK. Not ever!) I will always admit that cops are bad guys.

“Polite society” just doesn’t do that!

Since I am nice, people expect me to excuse cops, or go with the hilariously absurd “few bad apples” narrative. I won’t do it.

I may say nothing if I don’t have time to get into an argument, or if I don’t believe you will be swayed. Never mistake my silence as agreement, though.

I am nice, but more than that, I am too good a person to lie to spare your feelings.

Your friendly uncle who is a cop is a bad guy. A scum. An archator. You need to accept reality, but if you choose not to, I won’t lie to help you avoid the truth. That wouldn’t be good of me- or nice, either.

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