Refusing to vote is vote for liberty

(My Clovis News Journal column for July 8, 2016)

In last week’s column, valid alternatives were offered to those hesitant to waste a vote by endorsing an evil — lesser or not. For some reason almost everyone focused on the point that it isn’t smart to keep playing a game you know is rigged.

Overwhelmingly, the people demand their right to keep losing to known cheaters…read the rest

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2 Responses to “Refusing to vote is vote for liberty”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Voting is a criminal act because it demands violence upon others. NEVER EVER vote.

    Voters should be shot on sight like cops. Their vote violates and enslaves you and your children. Voters should never be tolerated.

  2. oooorgle Says:

    Those who vote in political elections are criminally insane. To believe I can create a right I do not have nor ever had to begin with is insane. To delegate that fictional right to a group of sociopaths with weapons so they may exercise said right upon everyone, is criminally insane.

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