Only intelligent choice is no vote

(My Clovis News Journal column for July 1, 2016)

Trump or Clinton? It’s the question which seems to be on a lot of minds. Not which candidate would would be best as president, but which would be the least bad.

It’s a false choice.

First of all, pretending those are your only choices is like saying you can only choose between hamburgers and tacos; nothing else. You are pretending the menu doesn’t exist…read the rest

Added- Here is the perfectly predictable response I got on the CNJ page:
If you don’t vote then you have no room to bitch, whine, and complain when things aren’t going your way. The system we have is far from perfect but it is what we inherited.

And my reply:
Actually, if you do v*te, you are consenting to the outcome. You are saying the result is legitimate, no matter what it may be, and you agree to abide by it. That’s just not acceptable or rational.

If you go into a game of poker, knowing the rules, and also knowing your opponent hasn’t actually played without cheating for decades (if ever), yet you play anyway, what does that say about your common sense?

No one can ever lose their right to complain, but if that were possible, it certainly wouldn’t be the people who are aware of the scam and refuse to participate who “lose the right”- it would be those who keep propping up the scam and empowering the bad guys to keep pushing people around and stealing their property by keeping up the appearance of legitimacy by their participation and support.

If you v*te, you are part of the problem. The current situation is squarely on your shoulders. You really have no one else to blame.

“We” didn’t inherit anything, but perhaps you did. If you inherit a rabid skunk, do you let it sleep in your child’s bed, or do you resolve the problem? This is the same sort of situation, like it or not.

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4 Responses to “Only intelligent choice is no vote”

  1. Enlightened Rogue Says:

    I might take voting for a ruler seriously when the ballot offers a “None of the Above” option, with the stipulation that if NOTA wins, the office is abolished.
    Until then, I'll just laugh at the suggestion to vote.

  2. Anonymous Says:

  3. Kent McManigal Says:

    At least there's one candidate giving the election the gravitas it deserves.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    His sarcasm has LIBERTARIAN written all over it. If he would actually fulfill the promises, he would be the perfect candidate to wreck the system.

    All votes are to legitimize government, thus I will not participate in any government elections. But I would love to see him actually get elected and make the USA a pony based economy and breed mutant flying monkeys to act as tooth fairies.

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