Hope floats, or maybe it dog paddles

In my family I have racists, people on welfare, lots of government employees (mostly in kinderprison jobs), borderists, and generally people who are happy to use the force of the State against those they don’t like.

Liberals, neocons, or any other flavor of statist you can imagine. People who despise the force of the state being used against them, but who have no problem siccing the state on others. It drives me nuts.

I have expressed my views to them, but I can’t force them to do what I think is right. That would be acting like they act.

Mostly, I simply refuse to be a part of their statist games, and roll my eyes at them a lot. And some of them are actually beginning to move ever-so-slightly in my general direction. It gives me hope.

If you get any value from my labors, consider rewarding me with your financial support. This blog is in its 10th year now. If you believe I have contributed anything to the conversation regarding liberty during these ten years, and believe I have more to contribute, help me stay online.


One Response to “Hope floats, or maybe it dog paddles”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    When my family are being statists, I consider them walking dead people, stupid worthless criminal sheeple needy of extermination.

    To me, it is the same as discovering your brother is a serial killer or rapist.

    It hurts. But…

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