Great and Fearful "Laws"

I’m not afraid of your “laws“.

I don’t honor or respect them, either.

Nor do I want or need them.

They are nothing to me. Less than nothing.

Laws never stop bad guys from hurting me, and if bad guys who use laws to violate others want to hurt me they don’t need laws to help them do so.

Sure, the most cowardly bad guys hide behind “laws”, but they’d hide behind something no matter what.

Respect for the law seems an empty thing to hold on to. A very silly thing.

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One Response to “Great and Fearful "Laws"”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    As soon as a statist and active member of a criminal gang is aware that their actions violate, they have no excuse for terminating their membership and wholly rejecting said criminal gang. If you live in the claimed territory of such a gang, the right to defense applies against all willing participants in said criminal activity against you.

    Statists should be given a chance to reform before they are executed.

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