Politics, government, and the monopoly on evil

I just ran across the most horrible quote I think I’ve ever read: “We don’t care about politics…We care about making government work better, because it’s the only one we’ve got.” (From here)

There is so much ignorant evil in that statement I don’t know where to begin.

If you want to make government work “better”, you do care about politics. It’s apparently all you care about. You certainly don’t care about the victims your government is creating with your help.

You are siding with bullies whose entire career revolves around pushing people around. “Work better” sounds like advocating efficiency in government. That is hideous. Efficient governments commit democide, genocide, slavery, theft, and every evil under the sun- and get away with it for far too long.

Would you want to make a rapist or a serial killer “work better”? That would be no worse than striving to help government “work better”.

And “the only one we’ve got”? Like bullying is a precious and rare resource? Please!

The problem with government is that it isn’t really the “only one we’ve got”, but it demands monopoly status anyway. It wants you to believe it is the only one you’ve got, and that any others are illegitimate.

Pretending the State is the only government you’ve got results in driving out government that actually works: self government of the individual. How many humans are on Earth? That is the legitimate number of governments. Trying to pretend that The State is the only government you’ve got is a gigantic part of the problem.

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