Murder, for whatever reasons

Murder is murder. It is the killing of someone who isn’t violating the person or property of anyone- the killing of an innocent person.

That doesn’t change if you do it for God and Country.

I doesn’t change it into non-murder if you are a cop and kill someone for not complying with your orders fast enough to suit you. Or for choosing to run from someone they quite reasonably see as a threat. Or for striking back when approached by someone who, by the “uniform”, proclaims gang membership and the associated history of aggression.

It doesn’t change it into something less if you go with a military force to some other part of the world and kill people who are trying to repel the invaders.

It doesn’t have loopholes for “executing” a person who was convicted of a crime they didn’t commit, through deception and fudged crime lab results.

It doesn’t matter if you believe your God says you must kill those who don’t believe the same as you do.

If you intend to murder- whatever you choose to call it- I hope your intended victim or someone coming to their aid kills you first. Every single time. No exceptions.



One Response to “Murder, for whatever reasons”

  1. Gone Fishin' permanently Says:

    Solipsism. The government seems to advocate Official Murder to support the suppression of freedom. Any LEO so in fear for their own safety that they can justify outright homicide, should be removed from their job immediately.

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