Choosing poorly

Why would anyone choose evil?
Why choose aggression?
Who could believe it’s OK to be a cop, military, mugger, or tax collector?
What kind of sick mind could justify that choice?

Some would say it’s the lazy choice, but in most cases it is harder to be evil. I know, because I’m too lazy to bother with the trouble of being evil. I’d rather not make difficulties for myself on down the line- aggression will always do that.

Maybe short-sightedness could explain it. Evil looks easier right now, and if you don’t consider the future (as I have my doubt about aggressors being able to do) you might not think about the consequences that could result.

Add greed to the short-sightedness and you might have some ethical homunculi believing evil is a good way to get ahead. If you look at those who are politically connected and evil (but I repeat myself), it sure looks like it works. But you never know when your flavor of statism will suddenly go out of style and you’ll find yourself against a wall, unable to be comforted by your bank balance.

In the world of fiction, evil is often glamorous. Politicians, cops, and robbers look flashy and cool. People forget that this is fiction. The real world isn’t that way. Even if the glamour does sometimes rub off onto the real world bad guys from association with their fictional kin.

I’ll always prefer those who quietly choose to not be aggressors over those who believe they should be celebrated for being evil.



One Response to “Choosing poorly”

  1. CurrentUser Says:

    HA! “Homunculi”. We learned something today. 😉

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