Supporting evil

If you support the War on (Politically Incorrect) Drugs, you are supporting addiction, death, and destruction.

If you support “gun control”, you are supporting murder, rape, robbery, and chaos.

If you support “government”/The State you are supporting genocide, lawlessness, theft, and bullying.

If you support cops, you support gang violence and molestation.

If you support “public” schooling, you support ignorance and indoctrination.

If you support “welfare”, you support poverty and hopelessness.

If you support government control of healthcare or medications, you support sickness, suffering, and death.

If you support “secure borders”, you support selecting for criminals and imprisoning your loved ones.

If you support prison, you support more aggression.

If you support “national security”, you support individual insecurity and abuse.

If you support the war on terror, you support the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization.

Stop it.



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