Virginia’s on-camera murders

I am sorry for the WDBJ reporter and cameraman murdered in Virginia this morning.

I don’t know anything about the victims- whether they were actually good people or not. Their co-workers seem to have liked them. Other than the former co-worker suspected of being the murderer, I suppose.

What I do know is that they were not killed in self defense. The video of the attack makes that clear. Even if they had done something in the past that I would have killed them for, in defense of life or property, they were- at that moment- innocent.

Yes, most in the media are virulently anti-liberty. But not all. Murdering some on camera won’t change that for the better.

I have already seen some saying it didn’t happen. That it was a false flag. Get over it already.

According to people like that, nothing ever happens- it’s false flags all the way down. Down to what? Who knows.

Yes, evil people do exist. They do evil things. Usually without being directed to do so by government agents. Without some Illuminati agenda behind the evil act. Most things are really just as they seem.

No, it isn’t the fault of the gun or the “lack of gun laws”. No personal grudge justifies the act. Revenge, though popular, is always wrong.

My sympathy goes out to those affected by the evil act of an evil man. And, yes, murdering people who aren’t currently violating anyone is evil.



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