Here, have a tiny slice of "liberty"

Liberty doesn’t work very well in a piecemeal fashion.

You can’t end the foolishness of borders until you end the foolishness of “entitlements”.
And anti-gun bigotry.
And “laws” which violate the right of association.
And rules which violate private property rights- which include “anti-immigration laws”.

This isn’t an excuse to avoid Rightful Liberty- it is a call to abolish all statism immediately, rather than in baby steps. Because baby steps don’t work well- as lingering statism always gets in the way, and seems to verify the statist claim that Liberty can’t work.

It’s like all the other things that don’t work well when sliced up. For example, let me get out a bandsaw and slice 4 inches off the left side of my laptop to give to a needy kid, so he can have some computer. You and I both know, in that case, neither of us would have any computer.

That’s why, unfortunately for the “pragmatists”, liberty is always all or nothing.



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