Bless their hearts…

Tim McGraw recently showed himself to be an idiot, by taking an extreme anti-liberty position against gun ownership.

Not the first celebrity to do so- including a lot of them who ought to know better. Such as Reba McEntire, Steve Earle, and others. It’s a crowded bandwagon, slippery with drool. (And I like country music.)

I mean, I can understand someone coming from the cultural desert of NYC or Chicago making fools of themselves by outing themselves as anti-liberty bigots, but a lot of the others didn’t have such a backward upbringing and should have been exposed to rationality and reason. Exposure doesn’t mean it’ll stick.

I guess it takes a “certain kind” to become a celebrity- which is why I ain’t one.

I suppose celebrities embrace anti-gun and anti-liberty positions because they imagine it makes them look enlightened. It doesn’t. Not to anyone beyond the ignorami they are trying to impress, anyway.



One Response to “Bless their hearts…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    There's just no way music artists can actually *feel* (or believe) everything they write and sing about. They'd all be in a psych ward.

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