…Even if I stand alone.

My Facebook status from a while back:

I don’t wish to fire the police department and replace them with new guys.  

I don’t want to elect “better” politicians.  

Those people are irrelevant to my life except when they get in the way- which is all they can ever do by holding those illegitimate “jobs”.  

They are all vermin and parasites- they make honest tapeworms and rabid skunks look good by comparison, since the tapeworms make no pretense of “helping” or “authority”.  

I can watch out for myself and those around me- I am an adult, after all. I don’t need to be “governed” or “protected”. I don’t want anyone “governed”, controlled, or violated on my “behalf”. Not ever. Not even those who might consider me an enemy, or people who really annoy me.  

I will never pretend such a thing as “authority” exists, and they just make themselves look ridiculous by insisting it does. 

That doesn’t mean the bullies won’t violate me using their superstition of “authority” as justification. Bullies exist and always will- the excuse they use doesn’t matter one bit.  

I would hope people join me, but it’s where I stand, even if I stand alone.



4 Responses to “…Even if I stand alone.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You are not alone.

    Reality is a circular hole with billions of people trying to force a government square peg through it. The frustrating thing is trying to hand them the round peg only to have it rejected.

  2. Walter Zoomie Says:

    Stated perfectly.
    Nope…not alone.
    Nor are you in the majority, unfortunately.
    Most Americans used to think this way. Not any more…
    Folks like you and I seem to be a rarity any more, brother.

  3. Kent McManigal Says:

    What frustrates me the most is seeing those people harming themselves by hanging onto that square peg while they reject, or ignore, the alternative. They are hurting unnecessarily, and are scared to stop self-harming. And others get hurt through their stubbornness, too.

  4. Kent McManigal Says:

    One thing I appreciate about the internet is that it shows me there are people like us out there. And it allows us to even share ideas and experiences. There's a lot of value in that- it gives me strength to keep going out into the real world and facing those who don't yet see how much more they'd enjoy Liberty.

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