Department of… what?

I was recently looking at a sign in front of a prison. The sign declared that the facility was a part of the “Texas Department of Justice”.

That almost made me laugh. There is no justice in imprisonment.

So, I thought to myself that the sign should be changed to “Texas Department of Punishment” if truth in advertising were a real thing where The State is concerned.

Then I realized even that wasn’t sufficient. For the sign to be really truthful it would need to say “Texas Department of Revenge“. That’s what we are really talking about here. And I am opposed to revenge- even though I have been guilty of vengeance a few times in the past.

I’d take it upon myself to change their misleading sign, but I don’t feel like being made the focus of revenge by the authority-bloated bad guys who believe they own the facility built and maintained with stolen money.



2 Responses to “Department of… what?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Prisons are the life-blood of many communities. They provide a never-ending job opportunity in places with little possibility of employment.
    It is for this reason, and revenge that prisons will continue to be built in the US & the states.

  2. Kent McManigal Says:

    Sadly, the people living off the prison are committing evil. It would be better for a community to die than to depend on a concentration camp for survival.

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