Mandatory v*ting

I don’t believe for a second that Obama was ever seriously considering mandatory voting. But, the thought makes me smile.

If voting were mandatory, and I couldn’t figure out a way to avoid it anyway, I would have fun with it.

I would vote for the most incompetent candidate I could find. Or the most overtly evil. I would do everything possible to mess up my ballot or smear the screen of the machine- not through “vandalism”, but through bumbling idiocy. I would monkeywrench in every way I could think of.

Making something mandatory is the best way I know to destroy the value of it (if it even had any value before).

So, come on Obama. Bring it.



One Response to “Mandatory v*ting”

  1. Tor Libertarian Says:

    Some countries with enforced compulsory mandatory voting: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Cyprus, Ecuador, North Korea, Singapore, and Uruguay

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