Governing- always without authority

The biggest problem with “the left” and “the right” is that they just don’t understand that government has no authority. They cheer when The State does something they like; they scream and wail when government does something they hate. They never seem to figure out “government” is just bad people with control issues gathering together under one label to do things to you that you’d recognize as evil if someone did them without first calling themselves “government”.

Government can’t grant amnesty, nor can it require work permits or proof of citizenship.

Government can’t make weapon possession wrong, nor can it protect your rights to own and to carry weapons since government is the only real threat to those rights (the employees either choose to be evil and enforce anti-gun “laws”, or be neutral and not enforce them).

Government simply has no authority- and if you imagine it does, that’s just an illustration of the power of your imagination. Yes, those working as “government” have power- they can kill you, cage you, and destroy your property- but that power is illegitimate and is done without authority.

If you want government to “do something”, you are a supporter of big, powerful government, no matter what the “something” you want may be.


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