The honest results of government

Government regularly delivers the opposite of what it promises. That’s just the nature of the thing.

When people say “safety would be compromised” by getting rid of the goons of the DHS, point out that DHS makes America (meaning you and me, if we are assumed to be “Americans”) less safe. Because it honestly does.

Government schooling destroys education.

Government roads impair travel.

Government’s anti-gun “laws” put you in danger and help the aggressive thugs.

And so on.

You could rightly respond to statist propaganda with shocked exclamations like these:

“You support the military? What, you don’t care about our freedom? You hate America?”

“You support anti-gun ‘laws’? You want everyone to be murdered?” 

“You don’t want to abolish public schools? Don’t you value education?!”

It is more consistent and makes a lot more sense than the ridiculous claims made by statists.



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