Dead cops

The enemy (cop killer) of my enemy (cops) isn’t necessarily my friend. That much should be obvious to anyone.

However, the mere fact of being targeted doesn’t magically transform the cops into my friends, either.

Cops are still the enemy, only because they have presented themselves as such, and worked hard to prove it. We should believe them.

Cops are where the boot heel meets the face. They are the only real threat to the exercise of Rightful Liberty in America today.

Bad guys kill other bad guys. It happens all the time. And it never changes the dead bad guy into a hero.



4 Responses to “Dead cops”

  1. Walter Zoomie Says:

    I'd argue if I could…

  2. angrymike Says:

    You've got a good point !!!

  3. Enlightened Rogue Says:

    ….and if they kill each other, there are now at least TWO fewer bad guys in the world.
    And no innocents were harmed in the process.
    Isn't that a good thing?

  4. Kent McManigal Says:

    Yes, but it just makes me sick seeing people falling all over themselves making heroes out of a bad guy. I should get over it.

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