Cops and body cameras

I’m all about solving problems.

That’s why I keep repeating that police NEED to be abolished.

I also think, until then, cops need to be followed everywhere they go by people with video cameras- so that they can’t pick their nose without it being put on Youtube.

But, I also want cops to be wired for video so their actions can incriminate themselves. However, we all see how “conveniently” body cams malfunction when cops decide (premeditate) to molest or murder. The excuse is “battery life” or “I forgot”.

So, how about this:
Cameras which are automatically activated anytime a gun or Taser leaves the holster, and can’t be shut off until the weapon is back in the holster. That wouldn’t have done anything for Eric Garner, of course- his murder was on video, and his murderer didn’t use a weapon. I’m not sure about cameras which are triggered by the sleeve being pressed against a neck, but anything that hobbles or inconveniences enforcers is a win for the rest of us.

I also realize that until murdering cops are held accountable, all the evidence in the world won’t change anything. But, maybe my idea would help that, too, by changing “public perception”.



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