Flint and steel kits for sale

Sven from Hunchback Ironworks has forged some nice fire strikers as a collaborative venture for the two of us, which I have put into “strike-a-light” kits to sell.

I’m going to offer them here, to give regular readers the first shot, before I list them on Dullhawk.com.

All kits come in a tin. The tins can be burned or sanded to remove the paint, for a more primitive look, if you care about that. All, that is, except for kit #5- for reasons which will be apparent.

The kits all include a small piece of flint, some char cloth to catch the spark and make a coal, and a little juniper bark tinder to make the coal become a flame. The rest is up to you.

As of now, I have 5 kits to sell. (UPDATE: I now have only kit #5 available)

  • Kit #5

Kit #5 is another special kit. The striker was too large to fit inside an Altoids tin, so it got an International Coffee tin. This one comes with a plastic lid. I made cardboard partitions to keep things inside #5 organized, and to keep the char cloth a little safer- it’s fragile stuff. This kit also comes with a few extra pieces of char cloth. Kit #5 costs $25.00
  • Kit #1 (Sold)

This is a special kit. The striker has been polished and etched. It says “LIBERTY” on one side, and “STRIKES BACK” on the other. Kit #1 costs $25.00
  • Kit #2 (sold)

Kit #2 costs $20.00
  • Kit #3 (sold)
Kit #3 costs $20.00
  • Kit #4 (sold)
Kit #4 costs $20.00
As a freebie, and to help those who buy the kits, here is a video I made explaining how to make more char cloth when you use up the bit that comes in the kit, and also some hints on preparing tinder.
All kits are offered on a first come, first served, basis (email me, don’t rely on commenting here to get the message to me). If this goes over well, there will be more next month. And, of course, you can also contact Hunchback Ironworks directly if there’s something else you need forged. Tell Sven I sent you!


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