The "Thin Blue Line" vs Liberty

Liberty will eventually need to tear through the “Thin Blue Line” if it is to survive and thrive. Accept it. There is no other enemy capable of doing so much to violate Rightful Liberty, and at some point that enemy will have to be faced and dealt with- it would be nice to believe they could be reasoned out of their evil.

Illustration and idea by George Tirebiter. Commentary by me.



13 Responses to “The "Thin Blue Line" vs Liberty”

  1. Walter Zoomie Says:

    A cop got whacked over the weekend here in Indy by a ghetto turd. You'd think Christ himself had been re-crucified…

  2. Kent McManigal Says:

    The enemy of my enemy isn't necessarily my friend… but I don't grieve the death of either sort of bad guy.

  3. Walter Zoomie Says:

    Me either, and I don't really like feeling that way, but I find it difficult to ignore reality. The thug was worthless, but I can't ignore the fact that cops generally no longer have my best interests in mind and can't be assumed to be the “good guys.”

    Some have asked me if I've been messed with by cops. I say, “No, not really…but I don't have to put my hand in a pot of boiling water to know it's hot either.”

  4. Roger Young Says:

    Great illustration!
    The “thin blue line” is in reality a rope.
    A rope around your neck.

  5. Kent McManigal Says:

    I have had a lot of people assume I must have had a lot of trouble with the “law” for me to be so hard on cops. Nope. But I don't have to have been murdered to know murder is wrong. Seeing the abuse others suffer is enough for a smart and ethical person to stand up and say it's wrong.

  6. George Tirebiter Says:

    It was your “Time's Up” flag and a Mercedes Benz in traffic with a “thin blue line” bumper sticker that inspired me.
    I too have not had any trouble with the Boys in Blue, but they represent the state and the state is the enemy of liberty. This is nothing new, but something most Americans seem to have either forgotten or (more likely) were never taught in school.

  7. KittyAntonikWakfer Says:

    “ some point that enemy [“thin blue line”] will have to be faced and dealt with- it would be nice to believe they could be reasoned out of their evil.”

    The methods of “deal[ing] with” are not solely reasoned logic or physical force. There is another option – shunning by large numbers of people, which obviously starts with far fewer at first. No sales, No service, No friendship/camaraderie, NO voluntary interaction! Treat them as though they didn't exist when they seek sales, service, camaraderie/friendship, anything that you can voluntarily withhold from them. Identify them publicly so that others can recognize them as part of the “blue line” no matter where they seek voluntary interactions and do the same. Shunning has a long history or persuading when reasoned logic fails but doesn't get the publicity that violence does. Nonviolent power theoretician Gene Sharp includes shunning and ostracism among the many methods he promotes for effecting nonviolent change and specifically refers to “the most vulnerable characteristic of all hierarchical institutions and governments: dependence on the governed.” (

    Social Preferencing – both negative and positive – is a more general term for the awarding of one's time (and by extension one's association), the most precious of all resources, based on the values of most importance to one's self. Public social preferencing becomes the ultimate arbiter of individual action and effector of a social order of maximal liberty in a society based on the principles of Social Meta-Needs. for full understanding via a studied read, including links.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Dont crush that dwarf. Hand me the pliers.

  9. Kent McManigal Says:

    I believe shunning still qualifies as “reason”. It isn't force. It is saying “as long as you choose this path, I will not deal with you. Change your ways and I'll reconsider.
    I have been doing this for years where cops are concerned- of course, I also know sometimes the threat (or worse) of being attacked by a cop requires an immediate response and shunning won't work when time is critical. Use the method you believe will be the best for the situation at hand.

  10. Keith Says:

    I don't think the monopoly ever had your best interests at heart.

    If it did, it wouldn't be a monopoly (ceteris paribus a monopoly will result in higher prices and less and lower quality goods and services than freely competing providers, and a monopoly can only persist by use of aggressive force).

    The steroid enhanced, fat blue line is there to put boot rubber on human faces – if they aren't quick enough in paying and kow towing to massa

  11. Keith Says:

    another long term strategy is to publicise a few truths.

    Will Grigg, did a very interesting piece a couple of weeks back on the hidden subject of domestic violence by cops. Although figures are hard to collect, it appears that cops wives are about twice as likely to suffer violence as the united state average.

    When they do suffer violence, cops wives and girlfriends are likely to be given the run around as the abuser's colleagues cover it all up. Tell your wives and daughters.

    Wife beating is just the tip of the turd. A couple of summers back there were some riots in Britain, Cops were conspicuous by their attacks on any who were trying to organize defence of their neighbourhoods and businesses (they did leave a Turkish neighbourhood well alone though).

    Cops cannot stand the idea of competition to their monopoly

    With competition, no one would call on a bunch of steroid fuelled bullies. Norma Jean Almodovar linked this description of her experiences as a cop and afterwards in her comments to Mr Grigg's piece

    She was a cop who was disgusted by the criminality and corruption ; child sex rings, burglary rings, murder and cover ups. After suffering injuries in car crashes, she stopped living on the proceeds of theft and began earning an honest living, competing on the free market – as a call girl. Not everyone's first choice of profession, but she neither breaks legs/ stamps on faces nor picks pockets.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I'm frm philly blk n spent over a four year enlistment. The cops see I'm a young blk man at the age of 23 the the cops been harassing me max overtime. Even in the service the marine corps police cockblocked & some ran on crazy power/ego trips and that's what a lot of civil law enforcement act. Straight Powering tripping, like they king kong, no law above them. I have known 2 cops whom I trust. Both bok women in the forties. The police are/have (created) a police state

  13. Kent McManigal Says:

    I'd be careful even with the cops you believe you can trust. I have had cops as “friends”, but I never let myself forget they were cops, and likely to put their gang before friendship.
    Maybe you should consider getting out of Philly- not all places are as cop-heavy as others.

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