TEA Partiers are so cute and silly!

Ah, the disconnect from reality that some people manage to navigate.

I got this picture from Facebook, and found it hilarious.

Don’t “TEA Partiers” realize that if the Constitution and Bill of Rights actually became the “culture” it would negate all the rest of that wish list?

If they actually obeyed those documents it would mean

  • the borders would remain as open as they were in 1791, 
  • there would be no “official language” and no mechanism for imposing one,
  • no prohibition of any kind- along with no “welfare” (no “freebies” for anyone)
  • no term limits for any puppetician

I don’t believe a “balanced budget” would result, but I know “tax reform” would happen, since the income tax is, and always has been, illegal.

Here would be my alternative wish list:

  • Obama:  Who cares?- No president
  • Borders: No borders except private property lines
  • Language: No “official language”
  • Culture: ZAP and Covenant of Unanimous Consent
  • Drug Free [sic]: No free drugs unless someone gives them away voluntarily.  No prohibition of any kind, and no welfare; only charity, which you can give or deny for any reason or whim
  • No freebies to: Anyone, unless it is given voluntarily
  • No budget, unless financed through voluntary donations
  • No “taxes
  • No congress or senate

And who cares how many “send this on” or how many I believe “should”?



2 Responses to “TEA Partiers are so cute and silly!”

  1. D. M. Mitchell Says:

    Right on, Kent. I would say that whoever posted the Face Book picture had cognitive dissonance, except they are not yet aware enough to realize that they are holding conflicting opinions.

  2. Temujin Says:

    I sent this on ~_^

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