"11 Steps to Fascism"

I found this picture on Facebook.  The person who posted the picture said “Almost there”.  I think he is being overly optimistic.  All the steps have obviously been taken, with the possible exception of the final step: “Disarm the citizen”.

I think all the steps have been taken.  We are there.

Most citizens are already effectively disarmed. Otherwise they would NEVER comply with “gun free zones” (“slaughter houses”) or any other anti-gun “laws”. They would never apply for permits, nor go through NICS screenings. They wouldn’t bother getting permission to own and to carry fully-automatic firearms, or sawed-off shotguns, or silencers.

They beg for permission to exercise a fundamental human right, and wait ’til the “laws” are changed to do so. They have been brainwashed into believing that “laws” are legitimate, when they are not. Screw that.



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